Is it illegal for a Christian to pray in a government building? What about a Mus

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  1. profile image53
    PerrySparkposted 4 years ago

    Is it illegal for a Christian to pray in a government building? What about a Muslim? What about an

    atheist?  Today, I had to visit a government building for my work. During the lunch hour I stood in line at a counter to get some legal forms registered. While there, I saw a young Christian pray just before consuming her lunch. On the way down to my car, I witnessed a Muslim in the parking garage praying.  Then, as I drove out of the garage, I saw an atheist standing on the government steps to the building holding a sign that said everyone must separate church and state. Since all three were promoting their own form of religion, did all break the law?  What do you think?

  2. junkseller profile image84
    junksellerposted 4 years ago

    The First Amendment protects free speech, including religious speech.

    Of course, there are some exceptions. Inciting violence is the classic one, but there are others, especially regarding issues of safety. You can't generally wander into a school and start preaching to children obviously. You can't block traffic, etc.

    If you are an employee at work, the exercise of your religion can't place undue hardship on your employer. Your religious speech also should not create a hostile work environment.

    It's a complex area of law, but generally, no, the instances of individual prayer you describe should be perfectly fine.

    I'm doubtful the atheist in your example, however, would count as religious speech, but rather political speech, so it may not have the same protection.

  3. Quilligrapher profile image84
    Quilligrapherposted 4 years ago

    Good evening, Mr. Spark.

    No, the three people you observed did not break the law based on your brief description.  Private prayer is protect as free speech. Individuals in the US are guaranteed almost complete freedom of religious expression.

    The government, however, must remain religiously neutral. Religious invocations are commonplace before many government functions but the “prayers” must speak of (or to) a generic god (or allah) and not a specific religious deity or belief system. Speakers are not permitted to mention the name of Yahweh, Jesus, Krishna, Diana, or any of the thousands of other Gods, Goddesses and God-men who have been worshiped by followers of different religions.

    The government and its agencies (including public schools, council meetings, etc)…
    may not recognize one religious faith as more valid than any other faith or secularism;
    may not promote religion above secularism; and
    may not promote secularism above religion.

  4. Penny G profile image69
    Penny Gposted 4 years ago

    Really how can anyone stop what we say inside our heads! God and I have many conversations and I work for state government. I really don't think that would hold up in court!

  5. CraftytotheCore profile image80
    CraftytotheCoreposted 4 years ago

    In some countries it is completely illegal to practice any religion accept that practiced by the country.  Some countries punish by jail or worse for those caught practicing their own religion.  There are many countries where people have to practice their religion in secret or face execution.  People are ripped out of their homes in front of their families and murdered or tortured in the street for practicing Christianity in some countries.

    May 1 is National Prayer Day in the United States.  Prayer is observed at schools and government buildings on this day.

    I feel fortunate to live in a country that allows people the freedom to choose.


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