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Who's running for president in 2016?

  1. MiloNowherepoems profile image60
    MiloNowherepoemsposted 3 years ago

    Who's running for president in 2016?

  2. lisavollrath profile image97
    lisavollrathposted 3 years ago

    I don't think anyone has officially announced that they're running yet.

  3. Superkev profile image85
    Superkevposted 3 years ago

    Almost certainly Hillary Clinton for the democrats, and if she does, no one else need bother on that side. The nomination is hers for the taking as soon as she announces.

    For the GOP :

    Rick Perry
    Marco Rubio
    Chris Christie (maybe)
    Ted Cruz (almost certainly)

  4. maxoxam41 profile image74
    maxoxam41posted 3 years ago

    Would you vote for their choices? Which lesson do we have to get from our history? They picked Obama and Mac Cain and we voted, in what way is it democratic?
    In 2016, I don't vote. I refuse to be imposed their candidate. I refuse my candidate to be their puppet. If WE want a change it has to come from us not from their candidate that would for obvious reasons privilege their interests.

    1. MiloNowherepoems profile image60
      MiloNowherepoemsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Great answer. I've never voted and I never will. I kno it doesn't matter, and it won't. I asked purely for search engine results, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

  5. Bubblegum Senpai profile image89
    Bubblegum Senpaiposted 3 years ago

    Pretty sure Hilary will seek the nomination for the Dems. I can't imagine who else would try to run against her, but someone should just to preserve the democratic process.

    For the Republicans, the names I'm hearing are Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan. Ted Cruz is another possibility. I'm not American so I wouldn't vote, nor am I republican, but I would support a Chris Christie bid, though I'd rather see him in Congress. He's shown excellent examples of putting partisanship aside for what's best for the state of New Jersey, and any accusations he has made against the current administration have been more than fair, and certainly in the interests of his constituents. If Congress could behave more like this man, I think we'd see things done, regardless of which party has the White House.