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What are THE MAIN differences among the lower middle, solidly middle(middle-midd

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are THE MAIN differences among the lower middle, solidly middle(middle-middle), & the

    upper middle classes?  The middle class are not monolithic in perspective.  There are varying degrees of what is considered to be middle class.  There is the lower middle class who at times indistinguishable from the lower class, then there is the solidly middle or quintessential middle class, & subsequently there is the upper middle class.  Each subdivision of the middle class has its own culture, psychology, & perspective.


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    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    All rankings are imaginary and illusory. The whole class system is built on feelings of inferiority and how to cope with them. The awakened consciousness has no need for rank because there is no reference point. Nor can he be compared to anyone else in the universe. He sees the totality of all things, the infinity, not the conditioning of a nation's concepts. You need concepts or words to rank others. But what happens if you live beyond concepts? The whole conditioning drops like a stack of cards because it is unsubstantial. It has no basis in reality.

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      gmwilliamsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      This wonderful answer is the epitome of excellent deductive & inductive logic.  Preach on, Sri T!

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    The lower middle class are the gentrified lower class.  There is really no discernible difference between the lower class & the lower middle class.  Both classes have a more primitive, down to earth approach to & philosophy of life.  They work at similar jobs & have the least amount of education.  One can aptly state that there is NO difference between the upper lower class & the lower middle class.  Both are very authoritarian in terms of raising their children & are fond of using harsher forms of discipline, even corporal punishment on their children.  The lower middle class has to struggle as the lower classes do to make ends meet. They send their children to public school as they cannot afford non-public schools.  They can't afford to travel nor eat out.  They also can't afford to have their children participate in cultural & intellectual activities as such are beyond their socioeconomic purview. They aren't socioeconomically comfortable & oftentimes live from hand to mouth like their lower class brethren.

    The solidly middle class is what one associates the term middle class.  They are lower echelon professionals who have a first-level college education.  They are described as comfortable socioeconomically. They usually have savings for a rainy days & for luxuries.  They can generally afford the luxuries without much struggle & scrimping.  They have monies for their children to go to non-public schools & other cultural, intellectual activities.  They have the means to moderately travel & eat out.  They believe in working hard & education as these components are important to obtain a professional job. 

    The upper middle class are high level professionals, managers, doctors, lawyers, & other career specialists.  They have advanced degrees-at least a Master's Degrees with many have Doctorate & Post-Doctorate Degrees.  They are in positions of responsibility.  They have money for necessities & luxuries.  They have the money to eat out when they chose, travel, & for myriad cultural & intellectual activities.  Their children go to private &/or elite schools.  They stress the importance of education for a career, not merely a job.  They believe that one should aim for the top of his/her career.  Besides savings, they have investments & other portfolios.  They are very liberal in their beliefs, social stances, & in terms of raising their children.