Interpersonal Interaction: Has technology ruined our relationships?

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    TarekMamdouhposted 2 years ago

    Interpersonal Interaction: Has technology ruined our relationships?

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    liesl5858posted 2 years ago

    In some ways, yes technology has ruined the personal touch that come with a relationship. For example, meals at the table -- no more family get together eating on the table during meal times because each family member is in their rooms playing video games especially the kids who love computer games, not only kids but even adults who love playing games like candy crash, scrabble or more games or watching television. Some people even bring their mobile phones on the table during meal times and start texting or reading their messages while waiting for the meals to be served. I think it is disgusting how we have turned out to be because of technology. People even don't have the decency to end a relationship in person, they can just text the person and end their relationship by text instead of face to face talk. I don't like it personally.

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    Naetan Aviposted 2 years ago

    While the psyche can be easily persuaded into following the social norms of technological advancements, there is no inherent ruination of relationships. Where previously, the relationships one might build were dictated more so on a coincidental and situational basis, the use of technology makes it possible for us to seek out more meaningful relationships.

    Granted, in current era, social media has greatly deluded people into putting less value into personal public interaction, but that is not to say that it has made it any less. The use of such forums only serves to speed up the inevitability of a relationship, in terms of liked or disliked characteristics. It is all the more possible for individuals to find out the true measure of a person's intentions when human interaction stems from both an in-person and online points of reference.