Is unemployment a curse?

  1. Khawaja Iqbal profile image70
    Khawaja Iqbalposted 2 years ago

    Is unemployment a curse?

  2. Express10 profile image89
    Express10posted 2 years ago

    I suppose that it can be. Some potential employers will not consider you for a position unless you are currently employed. Others simply have so many applicants that they never respond to applicants in any way. Many jobs have so many applications that hiring managers admit to negative and petty ways of "weeding out" applicants.
    Perhaps you may be told that you are over/under-qualified, or you believe your aren't being hired due to your age, etc. It seems the biggest problem is the lack of income and life expenses that continue to mount whether you have income or not. So, all these things taken together can certainly seem like a curse regardless of whether or not it is the applicant's fault for being unemployed.

  3. supremeupbeat k profile image69
    supremeupbeat kposted 2 years ago

    Of course. Employment means any kind of job. It may be self employment. What I can say employment is a blessing.