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Will a 4th Reich emerge in Germany now that Europe is being overrun with Muslim

  1. RJ Schwartz profile image94
    RJ Schwartzposted 2 years ago

    Will a 4th Reich emerge in Germany now that Europe is being overrun with Muslim migrants?


  2. Alex Gutierrez profile image60
    Alex Gutierrezposted 2 years ago

    I do believe that this is a concerning issue for the region. If you look all over the internet White pride has exploded, the Twitter hash tag #whitelivesmatter, on both sides of the Atlantic ocean it seems to show a lot of racial frustration. I think America will deal the the issue more appropriately because of our history being so diverse but what do you do in Germany. It does seem that it is becoming a calamity in the making. The racial strife in the region is expanding to place blame somewhere.

    The Germans, rightfully I think, are pointing fingers towards Israel and United States influence. It has long been a known that AIPAC and the Israeli lobby manipulates a lot of the American foreign policy and  to my surprise it does not go unnoticed. If you look at what the people are saying about this being a secret agenda it resonates the Protocols of the elders of Zion ideas.

    For a long time these European states have had the comfort of living in homogenous, for example, Germany with only 7.7% forging born population. The sudden influx of Syrian refugees is disconcerting. Germany has a land area that is only 3%-4% of Americas, or 27 times smaller than Americas total size and with the addition of estimated 3 million people it will be a burden to those in Germany. It'll all the sudden have double the size of Middle eastern/ Arabic people; in 2013 3,711,000, which was 4.5% to an additional estimated 3 million.

    In Germany defense, it isn't the land of immigrants, like America is. It is hypocritical for any American to complain about immigration here when they exterminated the indigenous people, but in Germany it does not have that history.

    Of course America should be taking a lot of the blame for yet again another illegal war in a foreign country that was not any danger to our shores but how will the effects of this be on the German country.

    It may turn into a fourth Reich, but I don't see the world allowing that to happen. With so much television manipulation and global power being concentrated, there will be no future Hitler. There will be a lot of racial violence, like the one that my result in America. It will happen far away from Washington D.C. like the racist actions that will come to be in Germany will be far away from Berlin. It will be there but not in the main media outlets, it wont expand to the everyday conversation. Well unless America and the Russian/Chinese coalition go to war then all bets are off.

  3. CHRIS57 profile image59
    CHRIS57posted 2 years ago

    One ideological pillar of the 3rd Reich was: Too little land for too many people.
    This is no more valid. Germans are well aware of the demographic outlook with its shrinking population. There may be issues with culture, with religion, with educational and language background. But at the end a German pensioner doesn´t care if his monthly tuition is payed by someone directing his prayers towards Mecca.
    Situation may differ in other European countries, but numbering "Reichs" is a typical German issue, so my answer reflects on that.

  4. manatita44 profile image84
    manatita44posted 2 years ago

    I don't usually discuss Politics, Bro.  I mean, as a spiritual aspirant, I recognise its value. All things have their usefulness or purpose. Just wisdom, you might say.

    Still, I'm here because of a recent conversation in Germany. I was telling the owner of the shop that I appreciate the way he worked hard. I was sorry that he had so many customers; that he was stressed. I made him know that I empathised but suggested that at least the money was good. I was familiar with the shop, you see.

    He agreed, then launched into a tirade of him not knowing where they got all this money. They had nice houses, nice cars ...the Government gave them everything ....

    Someone then walked in with very very poor English. He repeated three times that he only spoke German and English and could not serve him. From where I sat, I could tell that this refugee needed help, and that if only the Proprietor was keen to listen, he might understand. But he was too angry to.

    He told me all about what was likely to happen in three months, and a bit about Hitler as well. he was supported by the only other person in the shop at that time. They could both have been German, all right. But were of an ethnic colour and origin.

    If the non-caucasians felt that way, then how did the white Germans feel. Well, I heard soon enough. There are many fears and insecurities, expressing just the sentiments in your question. I'm no judge, and I do not know the answer or larger picture. I did hear similar sentiments on the plane, this time by the English.

    I remain an observer. It is God's world and I do not know that I should worry about anything I cannot change. Just sharing. Peace.

  5. suzettenaples profile image89
    suzettenaplesposted 2 years ago

    Good Lord, I hope  not!  I realize Muslims are not that popular to have around these days but another Reich, now that's scary. Rounding up Muslims, putting them into concentration camps, mass genocide now that's certainly going backwards.  I thought as a world we were better than that.  A  lot of Muslims are trying to get away from the wars and terrorism in the middle east.  I can't blame them.  We need to find ways to assimilate them into our western cultures, not construct a 4th Reich against them.

    1. Dean Traylor profile image93
      Dean Traylorposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      unfortunately, the concentration camp thing did happen again, to some extent. During the War that separated Yugoslavia, Muslims were being rounded up (in Bosnia or Serbia - have to look it up). There other atrocities (mass executions for example).

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