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What Is The Philosophy Of White Supremacy?

  1. vveasey profile image84
    vveaseyposted 2 years ago

    What Is The Philosophy Of White Supremacy?

    What's Does It Stand for?

    What's It's Ultimate Goal/Purpose?


  2. Ericdierker profile image52
    Ericdierkerposted 2 years ago

    I am a big old white boy. And I do not get this concept at all. I think most big old white boys do not get it, If someone is running around in fear of such groups as depicted I suggest they get a hold of a normal big old white guy like me.
    Aren't we talking like .00001 % of folk? Is this really a concern. I have a far better chance of getting killed in a car accident than my mixed raced family having a problem with these folks. Us mixed race are at a far higher percentage of problems than same raced folks. And I do not let it effect our lives. Why would a normal one race person even give it a glance. Sorry I am distracted by by normal every day events.

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    MoorManposted 2 years ago

    Racism or wife supremacy are not necessarily the same. Racism and was Rosie are the same, but wiser grams is deeper than just ration. White supremacy is a concept that adds onto racism and we know that racism is not just calling someone out of their name is Moore so just bigotry. What is your premise he is more so if you understand that you have power over another race so because you have the power as a white person you can stop them from getting loans, or getting cars, or destroying their educational status because white people control education and there are no black history classes that go beyond slavery. This is an attempt to make work children think that all they ever will be here all they ever can be is a slave. This is white supremacy, it's a power structure. There's a power structure designed to fish destroyed black children so that when they get older especially black males they did not have the knowledge or the shelter to create for themselves and design their own nation outside of the stereo typical acts of what white supremacy wants for black people in order to keep white power.

  4. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Caucasian supremacy is believing that the Caucasian race is superior to that of non-Caucasian races.  It is also the belief that everything good, civilized, & progressive originated with the Caucasian race.  It is the premise that Caucasians have originated everything that was noteworthy.  Such apologists assert that although civilization began in Africa, it is always delineated as North Africa.  The Egyptians are always cited as Caucasians, never Africoid peoples.  They refuse to acknowledge the contributions that non-Caucasoid people have made to civilization.  While Europe was mostly a backwater in the Middle Ages, there were advanced civilizations in Asia & Africa such as China, Japan, Persia, Mali, & Songhai.  Also remember, that the Mongols, an Asiatic race, conquered a large part of Europe.  Please note that the Moors, an African people, conquered part of Southern Europe including Spain, creating a magnificent culture.

    Europe was a very poor continent in the Middle Ages.  When the age of exploration began, Europe started to become wealthy as a result of conquering/plundering resources from non-European continents-Asia, Africa, & the Americas.  Not only were natural resources plundered, there were human resources which made Europe wealthy.  This conquering resulted in the feeling of Caucasian supremacy.  It was embedded in the Caucasian psyche that the non-Caucasian people they encountered were difference, hence inferior.  Since previous Caucasian/European populations experienced poverty, they vow that they won't experience poverty again.  So they enriched themselves at the expense of non-Caucasian nations & peoples. 

    Then there is the issue of so-called miscegenation. Caucasians are melanin recessive while non-Caucasians, particularly Africoids have graduations of melanin.  Caucasians establish severe form of racial dominance/hegemony in order for them to at the top & continue to be in existence.  Caucasians know that they would be wiped out if miscegenation continued on a wide scale.  So racial categorizations were established, particularly in the United States. Caucasian apologists are fearful of more melanoid people such as Asians, Latinos, Natives, & particularly Africans.  They want to retain their predominance because they are the ones who are THE TRUE MINORITIES in the world.