Will the lower socioeconomic classes such as the lower, working, & lower middle

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 24 months ago

    Will the lower socioeconomic classes such as the lower, working, & lower middle classes

    become permanent underclasses in America within the next 10-50 years with the increasing computerization of jobs?  With this increasing computerization of jobs & computerization of education in America, will opportunities for lower, working, & lower middle class children to get out of their particular class of origin become impossible?  Why? Why not?


  2. ahorseback profile image59
    ahorsebackposted 24 months ago

    These jobs and classes of people have been here from the beginning . And they are a permanent part of all economies , Why should that change , just because of the shifting definition of todays P.C. culturally defined class wars ?    All  of the  classifications  and job levels are evolving too , where once  unskilled  manufacturing jobs in America "fed " the poorer  now the new lower level jobs are the fast food joints on every corner , even  entry level  higher tech jobs .

    So what has changed  , other than  our present "wealth re-distribution "  demands by millenniums , fed by politically incited leftists ?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 24 months ago

    I wrote about this in my hub The Great Shift Toward Automation and the Future of Employment. A lot of jobs won't go away due to human demand that other humans do them, and automation will lower the cost of labor due to competition - so as long as we don't mandate a high minimum wage or excessive benefits on employers, employment will remain strong.