Which of the following has or have become either better or worse after Obama rul

  1. supremeupbeat k profile image68
    supremeupbeat kposted 23 months ago

    Which of the following has or have become either better or worse after Obama rule?

    1.    Abortion
    2.    Drug Policy
    3.    Education
    4.    Health Care
    5.    Immigration
    6.    Gun Control
    7.    LGBT Right
    8.    Social Security
    9.    Tax Reform


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    tamarawilhiteposted 23 months ago

    1. Abortion - it is interesting how many people say don't interfere with my freedom, then demand that everyone else pay for their abortion and contraception. The Obama Administration even took nuns to court demanding that their health plan cover abortion and contraception.
    2. Drug policy - for liberals, his continued prosecution of recreational marijuana usage is bad, while for conservatives, his over-zealous prosecution of doctors offering pain relief hurts patients
    3. Education - the federal government says rules saying men and women must be treated equally in college now require rape tribunals run by women's studies departments that deny men the right to a fair trial, right to cross-examine witnesses, the right to legal counsel, the right to their charges in writing - and they can be kicked out of college based on very low evidence standards, inability to offer their own witnesses and evidence, and in cases where police said there was no crime. In the most egregious cases, a man is being prosecuted for rape when the girl involved said it was consensual but a different woman reported it as rape, and a young man was barred because a rape victim said he looked like her accuser who lived on the other side of the country.
    4. Health care - Obamacare restricted choice of doctors and doubled health care plan premiums, and it limits health care options for Medicare and Medicaid for the elderly that often mean go home and die if you can't pay for it privately.
    5. Immigration - Congress didn't pass amnesty for illegal aliens, so he told INS to issue waivers for four years to illegal aliens that double as identity papers and permission to work. And he said to give it to anyone who said they came here as children, so half a million "unaccompanied minors" showed up to take advantage of his DREAM ACT. It was supposed to mean if your parents brought you here as a baby you could stay and get citizenship, instead a bunch of teens and people claiming to be teens came and are getting waivers.
    6. Gun control - he's stopped the military selling used casings for recycling to be made into cheaper private ammo, tried to prevent gun hunting on large sections of land, actively has VA denying vets their rights to own a gun
    7. LBGT rights - the insanity of a man in a dress saying he's a woman is raised to a civil right, and saying that a teenaged boy in address MUST be allowed to use the girls' showers and changing rooms or else his rights are violated

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 23 months ago

    There has been no beneficial change on any of these items after ObamaNation. First of all, many of these are social issues, and govt can't fix social issues. So that includes, #1,#2,#6 and #7.

    #3 Education needs a whole new paradigm, and one that is geared to getting jobs that provide enough income to pay for college, and support a family, and distance education from Academia and towards Pragmatism.

    #4 Health Care is still run by the Insurance Co, that practice medicine without a license. We need a focus on curing diseases to replace the expensive and lifelong treatments.. Medical patents inhibit the domino affect of building on successful research. People that have terminal diseases shouldn't be constrained by FDA approval. In fact, since congress gave monitoring of drugs to the FDA no major diseases have been Cured.

    #5. We already have Immigration Laws, but Obama, and the democrats have discriminated against immigrants that follow that lawful procedure in favor of those who choose to make an Illegal end run around the law. Illegal immigrants shouldn't be rewarded for their criminal actions, especially while legal immigrants go through a long and expensive process following the law. We need the WAll for 3 reasons. 1. Terrorists, 2. Drugs, and lastly to keep out illegals, many of whom wind up in US jails and prisons for committing crimes in the US.

    #6 Punishing good people that want to own guns, doesn't stop criminals that will break any law to get and use guns.

    #7 Caving into the political machine of the LGBT didn't benefit the country or the people. The country is setup by biological gender, and just forcing the faux gender doesn't have a place. We segregate public restrooms by biological gender. We don't have the solution to make these drastic changes. Gay marriage wasn't a solution, and it also is a foreign concept that we are not able to assimilate into our culture. It also doesn't help couples that don't want to get married but do want control of their partners.

    #8 SS is a Ponzi scheme, that should have been converted to a real retirement system, but neither party wants that because it is a piggy bank they can steal from. Obama didn't do anything on this issue.

    #9 Tax Reform, As long as their is an Internal Rev Code, the rich will get richer, the poor will get welfare, and the middle class will shrink into the poor. The Income Tax invades, privacy, and dispenses your const rights. in the name of getting Revenue. Obama has done nothing