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Why are PRO-LIFE women dangerous to other women?

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago

    Why are PRO-LIFE women dangerous to other women?


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    Aime Fposted 23 months ago

    Most pro-lifers don't care what happens to the baby after it's born.  They want to force women to have babies that they ultimately have no interest in long-term.  Guilting or literally forcing someone into bringing a child into the world is a recipe for disaster.   Some women will "come around" and love their kids - but some won't.  And I don't think even one child growing up knowing that it's unwanted/resented is one too many.   Pro-lifers will say that it's easy enough to just put the baby up for adoption, but the reality is that if abortion wasn't an option, the foster system would be more than overwhelmed.

    And why are they dangerous to other women specifically?  Well, they don't even pretend to care about their circumstances.  It's always black and white - you had sex so you have the baby.  Never mind if they were being careful and using birth control that failed.  Never mind if they were in an abusive relationship where they didn't get a say in when or how they had sex.  Never mind if they grew up without adequate sex education and didn't know how to use birth control properly or had misconceptions about pregnancy.  Just never mind.

    You get pregnant and suddenly YOU don't matter.  YOU need to drop everything and become a mother (because even those who give their babies up for adoption are mothers).  YOU shouldn't have had sex if you didn't want a baby.  Let the men do what they'd like and sow their seeds without any commitment or responsibility to raise a child but YOU keep your legs closed and your sexuality hidden away unless you want to make a lifelong commitment to a fertilized egg because YOU are a woman and YOUR life revolves around having a baby - even if it's the one you're trying not to have.

    Time to have some compassion for women whose circumstances you cannot quite grasp or understand.  Time to have some faith in women and trust that they make the choices they feel are the responsible ones.  Time to stop telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies and their own lives.  And most importantly, time to stop telling women they need to choose a life they don't want, or aren't ready for, in favour of a zygote.

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    aguasilverposted 23 months ago

    Interesting question, I happen to be male, so obviously my thoughts have no bearing on women who choose abortion, but I will state my thoughts anyway.

    Women who are pro life bring stark reality into a situation that is difficult for women, who find themselves pregnant unwillingly, do they kill their baby, or do they value the life which (no matter HOW it was conceived) is a human life, a potential world leader, a potential astro physicist, but of course also a potential criminal.

    Whilst I agree with much of what Aime states, because her points are valid, I doubt that all of the 40 million plus lives that have been taken (legally) were as a result of those conditions.

    My main contention with abortion is that statistically it resembles eugenics, indeed it's origins were in eugenics, and most abortions are carried out on black women, which may concur with some of Aimes points in any case, but is either a dreadful statement on black people, or indicates a targeted social group, neither of which are acceptable situations in a western society.

    So to conclude, yes there should be the possibility of abortion, in set circumstances, which should be determined and set in law, to cover situations like Aime set out, but equally, there should not be abortion on demand simply because people cannot be bothered to have a child.

    The aborted human life is a life, if I kill a pregnant woman I would be charged with a double homicide, so in that instance, the law recognizes the truth.

    By the way, my mother gave birth to me in circumstance that could have resulted in our deaths, despite being advised to abort me.

    So yes I am slightly biased, and delighted that she chose for my life to have value.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 23 months ago

    My desire not to pay for your abortion does not deny your rights. It does infringe on my rights to make me pay for something I consider immoral.
    And there is an incredible hypocrisy to saying what happens in the bedroom doesn't matter, when I have to pay for your STD treatment and abortions because you want to have sex with whomever and whenever you want without consequences but somehow for me to say please stay in a monogamous relationship and pay for your own consequences is a violation of your rights.

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      tamarawilhiteposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      TLDR: your sexual freedom should end when you demand I pay for the cleanup