What is the position of Hillary at the eye of her own party's female members and

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    breathingposted 19 months ago

    What is the position of Hillary at the eye of her own party's female members and the women of USA?

    In the history of USA, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first female of one of the main political party who competes for the president election. Leftist also respond positive after her nomination. Many of them support and want to assist her. One the other hand few of them do not like of her Candidacy.


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    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago


    It ALL depends upon the sociopolitical orientation of the woman.  There are Liberal women who see Clinton as a presidential trailblazer.  They feel that if she is elected as President, there will be no limits as to what women can & will achieve.  They view Clinton as a pioneer of sorts & as an exemplary example of what women's potential is & can be.

    There are other Liberals who view Clinton as somehow flawed in character based upon the Benghazi, e-mail, & other scandals.  They see her as untrustworthy, unethical, & even morally bankrupt., citing the backstabbing & rigging by the DNC in order to discredit Sanders in order to have Clinton in the political forefront.  They maintain that based upon these components, they don't see her as presidential material.  They maintain that it isn't the gender but the character of the president that is the most important.

    Conservative women view Clinton as the quintessential anathema of what women shouldn't be.  They view Clinton as a disruptor, even a destroyer of traditional feminine & family values.  They contend that Clinton is also an anti-American by what she believes in.  They assert that Clinton by her policies will be a continuation of Obama's & to them, this is what is going to lead America to ruination.

    Other Conservative women will see Clinton as totally unpatriotic, even anti-patriotic.  They cite the Benghazi incident.  They will point out how the government is targeting Conservatives because of different political orientations.  They remark that Clinton isn't a friend of women because of the past political scandals of Bill Clinton which she was complicit in.