Is there a particular person you just hate but cannot give a reason as to why yo

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    Ruth Ginyaniposted 17 months ago

    Is there a particular person you just hate but cannot give a reason as to why you dislike them?

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    WordCrafter09posted 17 months ago

    There is not.  In order for me to hate someone who is/has been in my life I'd have to know, for a fact and from a legitimate source, that what I thought that person did was not just rumor (or something else).  I pretty much like, or at least feel neutral about, most people I run into and most people in my life.  If there's something hate-worthy to me I'm very careful about giving people the benefit of doubt until I know, for sure, that what they were supposed to have done or said is more than just someone else whipping off some lie off the top of their head (sometimes out of malice, sometimes out of the fact that they don't understand something as well as they need to).

    If I know for certain that some has done something "hate-worthy"; well, then, that's having a sound reason.  There are people I may not want to be around for one reason or another, and there are people who may essentially be destructive if they're allowed to be around too much; but that's not hating.  That's just knowing that some people take a toxic and/or egotistical and/or generally nasty approach to most things and people .  Such people aren't hate-worthy, though.  They're most often just flawed and/or immature.  (Everyone is flawed, of course, but some flaws are toxic to others.  Some are not.).

    Other than that, there are people who are, for example, truly hate-worthy criminals who show up on television news.  I leave the hating and justice to people in whose lives those people actually are.  Feeling contempt or "deadness" about such people is as much I'll ever do.  And, I don't borrow "personal hate" from other people. 

    Then there are people who, say, show up on television and just kind of don't sit well with me.  That's not hate.  That's more "just not wanting to watch them if they show up".

    Hating/disliking someone (in one's own life) without being able to give a solid, proven, first-hand knowledge, reason is, as far as I'm concerned, a mental health flaw in the person who does it.  I have a very high bar for deciding to appoint myself judge of who is and is not likeable/worthy of being liked or who is hate-worthy.

    Like many people, I'm the first to use the word "hate" with something like, "I hate x kind of food".  Stuff like food is an object, though.  When considering the real meaning of "hate" people need to be more mature and think it out a little less carelessly and set that high bar as "standard".  People deserve better than "no-solid/proven/first-hand-reason" hate.