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What is it that white people are expected to do when they are targets of racism?

  1. Chris Townsend profile image61
    Chris Townsendposted 17 months ago

    What is it that white people are expected to do when they are targets of racism?

    neighbors in the apartment above me are extremely loud, belligerent , disruptive, inconsiderate, and unreasonable. they seem to think that because they are black that they can do what they please and all others must appease them. if I walk in my downstairs apartment for longer than about minute, the lady will begin yelling racist anti-white obscenities and make a rukus stomping loudly and banging. ive sought peaceful resolution but didnt get far. the apt mngr is also black and hasn't done anything to resolve the issue. its getting to near violence for which I am very prepared 2 self defend.

  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image31
    bradmasterOCcalposted 17 months ago


    It sounds like you might do better moving.
    But you do make a good point, that racism only exists from the left. If they do the same thing it is not racism.

    Unilateral is not equal, but I get the sense that they want to make white people subservient to them.

    Good luck

  3. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image98
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 17 months ago

    White people are expected to just take the abuse. So far as I can tell, the mainstream media absolutely denies that racism against white people exists. In fact, universities teach the absurdity that it is impossible for non-whites to be racist bigots.

    I suppose all you can do is, as you say, be prepared to defend yourself, file complaints with management, and maybe call the police. Be very careful ever calling police, as they are as likely to assault you as anyone else these days.

  4. WordCrafter09 profile image78
    WordCrafter09posted 17 months ago

    Some people live louder than others.  Sometimes the "loud and disruptive" is a matter of simple differences between who/how many people live in one apartment versus who/how many live in another.  Some people are more willing to try to tone these down than others.  Sometimes it may not be possible because the "disruptive" may be something like x number more people running the water (noise)or walking across the floor  Some people are home more than others.  Some may have, say, a child or teen or two who has friends and contributes to noise.  The point is there are differences in things like noise or ways people seem/are"disruptive" to someone in another apartment.

    Sometimes someone is willing to try to adjust somewhat, but it may not be enough to satisfy the other neighbor.  Somewhere between what can be reasonably expected in a shared building and what is just out-and-out unacceptable for any tenant anywhere, a whole lot differences can exist.  How much can be realistically and reasonably expected of people in other apartments can, itself, involve differences.  If the manage hasn't done anything maybe that's because there's nothing much s/he can do for any number of reasons.

    So, race aside, there's already that with apartment living.  Then, too, what may be/seem like a reasonable request for the other people to adjust what they're doing can lead to hard feelings if they don't think it was reasonable and/or if they try to adjust and it turns out that wasn't good enough (and they get yet more requests to adjust).  So, race aside, incompatibility exists in the first place and isn't helped when the cycle of complaining starts and gets resented.

    When people start not-liking someone else they often look at the most obvious difference or thing they don't like about the other and start name-calling (etc.).  It may not even be race, but that may be the thing that stands out first.

    Moving makes the most sense sometimes.  I'm not suggesting you're wrong about any of what you say, but I do think that words like, "seem to think" and "get the feeling...."  could use a little more examining as far as "what makes you say/think that" goes.

    My point is that it may/may not even be a matter of any kind of race discrimination at all (from either direction).  If it is, however, and if it can be proven, then I'd think there's some legal place to file a complaint about it (regardless of who drives who to move out) as a result of racial bias).

  5. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    Given that self defense against a black person tends to lead to both charges and trumped charges of racism, many do nothing.
    That's why there are so many videos of white kids attacked by groups of blacks with racial epithets and simple slurs like "watch your skin tone", clearly driven by racist hatred of blacks for whites, and the child doesn't defend themselves and rarely does anyone, even a teacher intervene, until there is blood.
    It is the same reason why the "polar bear hunting" and "knockout games" where blacks target light skinned people (sometimes Asian and Hispanic) for blows to the head, not caring about the assault, brain damage or sometimes death it causes. And rarely does any passerby do anything except maybe call 911 for the assault victim, instead of stopping the assailants.
    In the very few cases of whites doing the same assaults on blacks, the federal government pulls out all the stops to hunt down the guilty and put them in jail on both assault and hate crime charges. For the thousands of black on white assaults per year, rarely are charges filed, and few of those stick, because other blacks back up the attackers.