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Why do people not believe in God?

  1. Reluctant Revival profile image72
    Reluctant Revivalposted 18 months ago

    Why do people not believe in God?


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    Nudelyposted 18 months ago

    It is hard enough to believe in a universe just the way it is (with no gods or spooky stuff) let alone with all the conflicting accounts that come from a schizophrenic bible. God is all wise, but he regrets some of his decisions. God loves us SO much, but he will burn us FOREVER if we f**k up. Heaven is a perfect place where there is no pain or suffering or anything bad... except Satan got so fed up with it he convinced 1/3 of the angels to leave with him. Hello? Does any of this make sense? Jesus, the greatest sage to ever live, the greatest bearer of miracles, the greatest everything... was never written about in his time, and when the Gospel accounts of him surfaced decades later, the stories were different. The details varied. The whole New Testament schtick seems to be written by the Romans. Pilate "washes his hands" of the innocent Savior's death, the evil old Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees and scribes have him crucified anyway, and then Paul comes along telling people to obey your masters if you're a slave! Does this not sound like the Romans trying to invent a system to undercut Jewish authority? And how do you recruit Jews to your cause? With stories of miracles by this wondrous savior who told you "Blessed are the meek, blessed are the poor in spirit... etc." The Romans wanted an easy occupation and tried to brainwash as many Jews as possible to be subservient.

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      PhoenixVposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      So it was a conspiracy invented by Romans, who threw early Christians to the lions to throw off suspicion. That sounds like the fiction it is.

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    WiccanSageposted 18 months ago

    Which God? Or any God(s) in general?

    Belief isn't a choice, it's something you come by. Someone who doesn't believe in any Gods sees no reason to believe. They don't see the evidence as convincing, their personal experiences and research does not compel them to believe.