Whom are you guys going to vote for? Hillary or Trump?

  1. Scandalism profile image60
    Scandalismposted 2 years ago

    Whom are you guys going to vote for?
    Hillary or Trump?

    We all know that the day of voting is coming, Hillary or Trump, we all know them
    I'm tired of thinking whom should I vote for, which one is the best, who is better and stuff..
    i wanna take some opinions? I need to set up my mind.


  2. Ken Burgess profile image92
    Ken Burgessposted 2 years ago

    Honestly, I am leaning heavily one way... but I am going to wait until I have watched the debate.

    There is a lot I will be looking for in the first debate, and if I am not satisfied by that, I will watch the following debate(s) until I am.

    For instance, when it was Obama VS McCain, I disliked a lot about Obama's background (20 years of Rev. Wright, formative years in Indonesia learning Islam, his book which had a lot of disconcerting rhetoric in it) but I was also concerned about McCain (5 years a POW, very left leaning and very much an establishment politician)... I actually made my decision based on how they presented themselves in the debate and how they articulated their positions.

    Same with Obama and Romney... Romney impressed me when he decided to bring to light the substantial trade imbalance we had with China, and how the trade agreements were not beneficial to America or American worker interests.  But his inability to extricate himself from other issues that put him in a bad light with many voters (like the Abortion stance) doomed his election effort despite many people no longer feeling warm and fuzzy about Obama.

    I like what Trump says he stands for... Pro-America, Pro-American Worker, Pro-Military, strong against Terrorism and illegal immigration.

    But he needs to be able to articulate his positions in the debates, he needs to be able to show he is a stronger leader than Clinton in the debates... and he needs to show he can answer the questions with a comprehensive understanding of the issues presented, not with some canned on-the-campaign-trail answer.

    Clinton needs to overcome my concerns of her corruption and saying whatever is politically prudent today to get votes... if she stands firm on issues and past decisions that are not popular now, if she defends her positions and speaks what I know is truth on certain issues and doesn't feed us a bunch of BS like "oh yeah, that YouTube video caused those riots... we said it then, and its what we are still sticking with now" then I have no use for her, and no matter what, I would not be voting for her.

    Ultimately Clinton has a much bigger hill to climb than Trump to get my vote... but if Trump proves to be totally inept in these debates, and she comes across far stronger, and more believable than I have seen to date, it is not impossible for me to change my views/vote.

    1. Scandalism profile image60
      Scandalismposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      i think that all what made us think about Hillary is because we had her right before our eyes all the time as the secretary...
      But not Trump, i mean he is a businessman but not how he leads politics and things like that, and also the wall Seriously?


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