To Conservatives out there, how would you ASSESS the Liberal &/or Progressive me

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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago

    To Conservatives out there, how would you ASSESS the Liberal &/or Progressive mentality & mindset?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 16 months ago

    To paraphrase Dennis Prager, when you ask a liberal / progressive for a solution, it is almost always "more government". That's the definition of progress, a bigger state, more government control. How much is enough? Never enough, until you get fascism / communism where everything IS the state.
    And in such a society, there is no room for other organizations; as Mussolini said, all is the state, nothing but the state. This destroys organized groups that could oppose or overthrow the state, and it destroys personal freedoms as well.
    While liberals are ostensibly for freedom - liberty - the end result we're seeing is groups using the state to enforce their views. Examples: Muslims can refuse service for their comfort, Christians can't refuse service they find blasphemy, protection of liberal groups' opinions and opposing it is punishable as hate speech. The social justice warriors are totalitarians and authoritarian, their definition of tolerance is "endorse us or else you're attacking us, and then we can assault you because you attacked our pure selves, our feelings that are worth more than yours you evil dissenter).
    In the name of freedom of speech, association, belief, true liberals need to stand up to the authoritarian wing of their movement or we ALL lose our freedoms.
    And it isn't just screaming at you in public. The coordinated silencing of conservatives and even dissenting liberals (like Scott Adams this week), shadowbanning them on Twitter, banning from Youtube and other social media, denying them jobs or firing them because the liberal hate mob showed up, the coordinated voting down of people's books (all major conservatives' reviews), even harassing family and friends of someone who violated SJW's official check list this week (Sargon of Akkad's girlfriend, parents of a conservative figure).
    The left is becoming the fascist movement is has accused the conservatives of being for years. And the fact that they've branded themselves as peace, love, tolerance, rational, smart doesn't make it so - it is just good branding and ironic when they're intolerant in the name of tolerance, violent in the name of justice.