Why is there starvation on the planet?

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    Harriet Parkerposted 15 months ago

    Why is there starvation on the planet?

    We throw enough food away daily to feed impoverished nations, but yet I watch in horror children starving to death, why? my niece got a job over the summer as a custodian at an elementary school. And she said they were made to throw away thousands of brand new and used books and work books, why? when there's children who can use them in school's that don't have any books at all. I know this because my daughter along with a few of her friends sends school supplies to a school in Jamaica where there's only one text book for all the children to share, this is wrong!

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    tamarawilhiteposted 15 months ago

    We have the resources. The issues are:
    * distribution networks / logistics - we can't get food to refugees in Syria due to fighting and Islamic fundamentalists blocking food distribution to their enemies
    * money - where there is adequate food but the poorest who need it can't afford it or their governments can't afford to transport it

    In the case of American schools, the problem is federal nutrition guidelines that pushed them to put in salad bars few children eat so the food is wasted and offer milk that half the children cannot drink.