What WAYS have Liberals & Conservatives become MORE FANATICAL, even AUTHORITARIA

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    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago

    What WAYS have Liberals & Conservatives become MORE FANATICAL, even AUTHORITARIAN in their

    politics?   Both Conservatives & Liberals used to be mild-mannered, even civil.  However, in the 1980s, Conservatives have become more strident in their politics to the point of being reactionary.  From the 1990s to present, Liberals have become more radical to the point of being out right leftists. 


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    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    Liberals have always used feelings as the measure of morality. What has changed is:
    * the pure self is so sacred none shall dare challenge its narrative, even by stating facts contrary to one's opinions or views contrary to another's world view
    * the victimhood hierarchy so that the feelings of some are worth more than others; the woman wins vs the man, the black is more right than the white
    * words equal violence, allowing someone upset to physically attack someone for correcting a factual error or stating facts contrary to one's official narrative

    Now you have fascism in the name of feelings.

    Maybe it is an SJW attacking someone for expressing views or discussing a topic that dares question sacred liberal truths, like feminists saying we shouldn't have biologically intact mentally ill men in women's spaces if we say there is a rape culture.

    Or liberals calling for the deaths of all white men (conveniently redefining racism / sexism to exclude these statements, while demonstrating utter bigotry by being unable to separate a culture from individuals within it), because the liberals just don't like that demographic group and demonize it. The calls for segregation of whites by BLM for the feelings of blacks are a softer example of this, that those higher on the victimhood hierarchy shouldn't even be exposed to those darn untouchables, evil caste members. 

    What happens when conservatives withdraw to their own institutions and gatherings? Liberals show up with air horns to drown out speakers. They mob a hallway so people can't enter. They hit people who attend a political rally or speaker's engagement, how dare those evil people want to listen to such hate. And if they criticize me, they are othering me, more reason to hit them! The "no labels" movement is a variation of this, that their world view is so obvious and pure and universal that anyone who holds a contrary view is unacceptably deviant they shouldn't be tolerated.
    It is akin to liberals defining themselves as smart, rational, tolerant - which lets them smear everyone else as stupid, irrational, phobic, evil. Then you call to ban hate speech, after saying your opposition is only saying what they say out of hate or stupidity, so it is censorship on the basis of the left's feelings.

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      wba108@yahoo.composted 17 months agoin reply to this

      +1 Almost every label leftists assign to conservatives, they are guilty of themselves.(projection) Likewise liberals who claim conservatives are NAZi's behave much more like Fascists themselves.They seem to have a profound lack of self awareness.