Donald Trump just got elected. Ur thought?

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  1. profile image55
    peter565posted 2 years ago

    Donald Trump just got elected. Ur thought?

  2. FatFreddysCat profile image98
    FatFreddysCatposted 2 years ago

    (shrugs) we just traded one guy in a suit for another guy in a more expensive suit.
    The sun will continue to rise, and the world will continue to turn.

  3. peoplepower73 profile image94
    peoplepower73posted 2 years ago

    Breaking News
    The United States of America will now be called Trumpland (pronounced Trumplund).
    Welcome to Trumpland:
    •    Where the President is a role model of how to deal with people.  It is now O.K. to say what you really think about others by using insults, and slander.
    •    Where the First Lady is a foreigner and was a former stripper and posed in the nude with another women.
    •    Where Hilary Clinton will be jailed for no criminal acts in Benghazi and her email.  She will then be put in front of firing squad.
    •    Where taxes will be lowered to zero for corporations and big moneyed interest and raised for the middle class.
    •    Where there is no balance of power in congress.  Congress will be renamed the Monolith.
    •    Where the Supreme Court will favor ultra-conservatism, Citizens United will not be overturned.
    •    Where Obama Care will be dismantled and we will be subject to the whims of the insurance companies to raise premiums to never seen before levels.
    •    Where Social Security will be privatized and the uniformed will be subject to the corruption and scams of the brokers and financial advisors.
    •    Where the corporations will fight for lower labor costs by not bringing jobs back here.
    •    Where regulations will be removed that protect us from pollution, drug increases, financial corruption, and fraud.
    •    Where our military that is already the greatest in the world will even be made greater.
    •    Where the President will bomb the shit out of the mid-east in order to destroy ISIS without any regard for the deaths of innocent men, women, and children.
    •    Where a wall will be built and 12 million Mexicans will be deported.
    •    Where no one will be allowed to enter the country unless they can answer no to the following question:  Are you a terrorists?
    •    It is now O.K. to be a racists, misogynists, homophobic, delusional sociopath.
    •    It is now O.K. to grab a women by her crotch, and kiss her without her consent, but it can only be done with beautiful women.  It’s O.K to call others fat pigs.
    •    Abortions will not be allowed under any circumstances.  All pregnancies will be full term. It is nobodies concern if the mother and/or the child have deficits. 
    •    It’s now O.K. to form groups to pray away the effects of LGBT.

  4. Rupert Taylor profile image98
    Rupert Taylorposted 2 years ago

    America just elected Rob Ford. As a Canadian I can tell you this will not be a pleasant experience.


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