Conservatives, what ways do you contend that America will improve now that Trump

  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Conservatives, what ways do you contend that America will improve now that Trump is the new

    President?  What does the election of Trump says about the American people?

  2. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    Liberals will have to rein in their violent bullies, the social justice warriors, to regain a place at the table and have any chance of winning.
    And their systemic vote fraud from illegal immigrants encouraged to vote to organized instigation of violence blamed on the conservative victims to immoral media bias (the ideological "truth" trumping actual truth) will also get addressed.
    You'll also see a loss of funding for the totalitarian left as seen by federal government grants to liberal ideologues (sue and settle by the EPA, title 9 education money given to identity politics departments, federal officials who are liberal fascists abusing power, etc).

  3. Ken Burgess profile image91
    Ken Burgessposted 2 years ago

    What does it say about the American people?

    That the media, the politicians, the establishment can't tell them what to think, what to do... there are enough of them that think for themselves, and vote for their own interests, which Washington RARELY cares about.

    What do I hope for?
    Trade Agreements rescinded or rewritten to favor companies and jobs here in America.
    Taxes and Tariffs to be placed on some foreign imports to make American made products competitive.
    To follow through on tax amendments so that the 3+ TRILLIONS of dollars held overseas that cannot come back into America because of the prohibitive taxes are allowed back into the country to flush our economy with growth.
    Taxes on businesses cut so that it actually makes sense for companies to stay in America rather than move to a foreign land.
    Obamacare to be done away with, and insurance competition to be allowed, rather than protected from competition and falsely inflated by government funding/support.
    H1-B, H2-B, Cross-Border Trucking Deal, so many anti-American-worker laws and agreements that need to be done away with.
    Infrastructure to actually be improved, unlike the past 3 Presidents have promised maybe this one will actually do it on a grand scale, which would put people to work on a grand scale.'
    The enforcement of employment laws which make it illegal to hire illegal aliens... maybe these huge Construction corporations (IE- Toll Bros.) will start hiring Americans again if laws are enforced.
    Closing the border to illegal aliens... but most important, when they apprehend an illegal who is a felon, or known violent criminal, they actually deport them (I don't care where) rather than release and allow them to do more harm. 
    Do away with Common Core.  Let the states go back to doing what works for them, and their citizens.
    To get the heck out of the Sunni - Shiite proxy war, especially, let Syria and their Russian ally handle their own damned country rather than start WWIII over it.
    And more...


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