Where was the CIA before the election with regard to cyber hacking?

  1. jackclee lm profile image81
    jackclee lmposted 13 months ago

    Where was the CIA before the election with regard to cyber hacking?

    It is interesting the timing of the latest news from the CIA regarding Russia's hacking of the RNC and DNC post the election of Trump.
    Where were they when wikileaks was releasing hacked emails?
    Where were they when Hillary's email servers were investigated for hacking?
    Where were they when the NSA was colllecting data of phone records of Americans?
    Where were they when Congress was holding hearings and oversight on intelligence gathering?
    Missing in action.

  2. The Old Guard profile image72
    The Old Guardposted 13 months ago


    They were telling us all about the WMD's and the evil Muslim ISIS, that obama and hillary killary started, to counter attack the other Muslim terrorists  groups that were going to kill all westerners.
    But, then again, the FBI says there's no conclusive evidence that Russia had anything to do with the midwestern United States absolute disgust with hillary killary and obama's policies.
    But, then again, the right said the FBI had evidence about hillary killary lying and did not prosecute.
    So, I guess the CIA, since they can't provide proof, are as reliable as the FBI who has proof and does nothing. So, the CIA has no proof and actually accuses Russia of committing an illegal act.
    Doesn't that make sense with government agencies? One has proof and does not accuse, one has no proof and accuses traitorous acts.
    Only a blind, brain dead left winger could even remotely think this obama/ hillary killary dance fiasco makes any sense.
    And wasn't it hillary killary that said it was un- American to question the voters results?
    So, it just confirms to me as I always thought - hillary killary runs a criminal enterprise and is unAmerican.
    I knew that well before the elections, but she just confirmed my opinion.
    Do you really believe anything that's being said by any demoncrap these days?

    1. norlawrence profile image84
      norlawrenceposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      You are right.  Where was the CIA?  Maybe all this new information they are supposed to have has come up because the Wisconsin recount did not go in Hillary's favor.  Trump still won.  The CIA has same information as FBI so things should be the same.