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Is climate change/global warming man-made or natural?

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    MBratleyposted 17 months ago

    Is climate change/global warming man-made or natural?

  2. kasiaeliza profile image82
    kasiaelizaposted 17 months ago

    Global warming periods fluctuates in few centuries but humans produce so many warm and used to destroy ozone zone which protects from radiation. You could feel guilt a little about it smile

  3. AshutoshJoshi06 profile image89
    AshutoshJoshi06posted 17 months ago

    What fossil fuel burning didn't achieve over the last two centuries weather modification experiments, weapon testing and advanced scientific experiments have accomplished within a decade or so...
    Adverse weather patterns over last few years, frequent earthquakes etc are early warnings for the worst that is coming and we gonna continue blaming it on global warming till we are actually neck deep in the mess with no escape!!

    Ofcourse we cannot deny either that each one of us do share the burden too.

  4. bradmasterOCcal profile image43
    bradmasterOCcalposted 17 months ago


    It doesn't matter, as mankind has not been able to control either man made or natural events.
    The history of the Earth proves that change happens regardless of the environment. It also proves that there was no real design for the Earth, or even the Universe. Chaos is the general rule.
    Do you really think that 8.0 earthquakes, Tsunami generated earthquakes. flooding, meteor craters, drought, and other so called Acts of God is consistent with a Design?
    So, when the environment goes wanky, what tools do we have to deal with it. Take carbon credits, really, what does that accomplish?
    Taxing is not a solution to anything.