What is up with my generation?

  1. AnthonyFuscellaro profile image59
    AnthonyFuscellaroposted 13 months ago

    What is up with my generation?

    Political correctness is absolutely terrifying. Walking on eggshells is not a way to live. Why do individuals take pride in being flamboyantly offended? It's all the same cliche, attention seeking excuses every time.

    The most over the top example would be the commercial on viceland where a father and daughter are in alternating shots of the camera explaining their vote during the last president. As usual, the older established accomplished father voted for pres-elect trump. The 20 year old millennial cry-baby daughter voted for Hillary, obviously. One of the first things out


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    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    Root causes:
    * Defining morality based on feelings, so the most upset and outraged person is presumed to be correct. End results include the most irrational person gets the most moral weight in debates and catered to and everyone else abandons logical debate because it doesn't help them with peers who use "if it feels good it is good, if it feels bad it is bad" to judge right and wrong.
    * By defining morality on the minority group size, the most exotic person is considered the most morally correct unless some other issue is involved. This is how transgenders trump feminists' concerns about perverts and rapists gaining access to women's changing rooms and dorms despite the "1 in five women is raped" narrative.
    * Liberal branding that they are moral, good, smart, rational, tolerant, educated lets them ignore or demonize all who disagree as stupid, evil, irrational, uneducated (which comes with the assumption all will convert once "educated" or else are evil). It has the side benefit of letting you censor all conservative speech and gatherings as hate speech because you've denied them a rational, logical basis for their views - they are haters, ban hate speech, now they can't speak. Oh, and namecalling is not only the de facto solution in a debate but acceptable.
    * When the emotional intent is the measure of morality of an action, they can ignore the consequences of bad consequences of the action (high unemployment for poor due to competition with illegal immigration, 8 terrorist attacks by Muslim migrants in two years including OSU). All you need is love and bigger government per a liberal.
    * When you classify yourself peace, love, good, organized groups of conservatives are readily labeled fascists. Thus liberals organizing into online hate mobs to destroy someone's life (get them fired, harass their relatives and friends), assault conservative speakers at events and generally act like violent fascists, they see it as good, morally justified, because they are love and they are fighting hate. Violent SJWs are just fascists with good branding that lets them ignore the reality of the totalitarian violence these types of movements cause (Mao's great leap forward, Soviet Union purges, North Korea's 3 generations to the camps, Cambodia killing 1/3 of the population).