What is outbound Pres. Obama's single greatest achievement as president?

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    DougCliftonposted 14 months ago

    What is outbound Pres. Obama's single greatest achievement as president?


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    bradmasterOCcalposted 14 months ago

    Some would say that he enabled the Republicans to gain control of the congress and the presidency.
    I would say that achievement needs to have context to be answered properly. As president his achievements needed to benefit the country and the people.

    Using that definition, I honestly can't think of anything he did that would qualify. This is not a partisan answer, as I have been critical of the last several presidents. After all we didn't get to dismalVille in just 8 years.
    Neither party had the solution but both parties created the problems.

    Obamacare didn't qualify as an achievement because the sales pitch failed quickly. We lost our doctors, and our insurance plans in the private sector. The federal workers FEHS had the Obama plan and their plan was used as the guide. Unfortunately, this was not realistic for the private sector. After that, the plan 6 years later is not fully implement until 2020. There were supposed to be 30 million uninsured that would be added under Obamacare. Only 18 million actually joined, and millions only because the IRS would penalize them. Obamacare is a TAX, unfortunately we were looking for healthcare instead.

    The Obamacare allowing parents to keep their adult kids up to 26 yrs old is an example of how bad was and is the economy. When these kids can't afford to pay back their student loans, get jobs that can pay for their health insurance, and get a job with a college education is an indication that these areas should have been achieved by Obama instead of reforming and creating chaos in healthcare insurance. In addition, mandating everyone having health insurance makes the insurance companies a Quasi monopoly.

    Allowing ISIL to be created as a result of taking the troops out of Iraq, and bringing down Libya allowing chaos in the region and trying to mess with Syria has flamed the terrorism not only in the Middle East but around the world.

    Under Obama we have had domestic terrorism increase, and civil riots erupt across the country. Additionally, he failed to abide by the Immigration laws, and he weakened national security by bringing in a million un vettable Syrian Muslim immigrants, that ISIS boldly said they infiltrated. We can't take care of American Citizens our even our Vets coming back from terror torn countries.

    His achievements of lowering his gold handicap, and raising huge funds for the democrat party through campaigning and fund raising is an impressive put only personal achievement. out of charsss

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    DougCliftonposted 14 months ago

    @ KCochran: I think what you gave in lieu of an answer to the question is a pandering,loquacious non-answer to a straight forward question. Nevertheless, I'll give you one last chance to give us a real answer to a very simple question. Hint: we're talking about  Mr. Obama's greatest achievement as U.S. President. Another hint: Not about your personal adoration of the man; what is his "greatest achievement", you know, policy, doctrine, executive order - mission accomplished greatest achievement. We know how you like Obama personally, but that's not the question. Surely you can think of something; he was president for eight long years. If you still have no answer, we'll presume you can't think of anything and move on....