Why do/did you support Donald Trump?

  1. DowntroddenInDC profile image84
    DowntroddenInDCposted 14 months ago

    Why do/did you support Donald Trump?

    Genuinely curious, as I want to learn from folks who once did/ continue to support Donald Trump. What was it specifically, that spoke to you? If you used to support him, but have since changed your mind, what was it that did that for you?

  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image31
    bradmasterOCcalposted 14 months ago

    Trump was and is attacked by dems, & repubs. Both sides slammed him because he was not their kind, you know a professional politician.

    Yet, he beat 19 prol politicians, at their own game politics.
    Putting another prol politician into the presidency would only repeat the dismal performances and continue the decline started in the 70s. It hit bottom in 2008. The 2 political parties are diametrically opposed on what to do for the country & people. 

    They have accomplished very few things for the country and people.
    So this is where Trump comes in, as a non politician attacked by both sides, he doesn't have to protect the failures of the past, and he can focus on how to solve the problems caused by a politically divided US govt. Any other politician made president would have to protect their party and their party failures. But Trump wasn't in the govt and he is not responsible for these failures. This allows him to find a solution. The pro politicians best game is pinning the guilt on the donkey or the elephant. This doesn't solve the problem or provide a solution, it is just to old CYA.

    Most of the people in congress and the presidency can hardly balance their own check book, much less the US budget.

    Trump is a business man, and finding solutions is core to having success in that arena. The US doesn't care about the bottom line that companies in the private sector live or die on that line. So, the reason that gov't fails in the economy is because most of them never spent much time there.

    If there is a possibility that a president can cross the aisle and united the Red and the Blue to some form of purple, it has to be an outsider. And Trump is that outsider.

    The nested filled old age home that we call congress really fears president Trump because he is not one of them. They made their life the federal govt, Trump basically is trying to help the country and people he cares about.

    America First has disappeared since the 1950s. Today, refugees, immigrants, and illegal aliens are treated like de facto American citizens. For ex. in Los Angeles, the illegal aliens protest in the streets. They burn the American Flag while flying the Flag of Mexico. What would happen if this was Mexico, how would Mexico handle it.

    In California, the illegal aliens get free education, free medical, welfare, and driver's licenses. Los Angeles is also a sanctuary city where convicted illegal alien felons cannot be deported.

    Trump has already accomplished things off his goals