Can there be True leaders who,lead selflessly for the greater good and not for p

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  1. Evan McKenzie profile image61
    Evan McKenzieposted 15 months ago

    Can there be True leaders who,lead selflessly for the greater good and not for personal reason?

    Both in public and private member organizations leaders seems to make the organization their own, for more than 95% of them they are unable to lead if they cannot dominate, what seems to happen is that they are not the peoples servant, as they say they in fact becomes the master. This is why force becomes easy to use whenever their views are in the minority, not only do they not serve the greater good and the will of the majority or an influential few but they use the powers of the high office to courser others

  2. toradrake profile image82
    toradrakeposted 15 months ago

    Of course there are, and have. Take for instance some of our forefathers. The first constitutional presidents of the US held their office with no pay. They handled the affairs of the country with no compensation than that they got to work on building and implementation a strong non-imperialistic government system. There was really no gain for them in that aspect. That is not to say that they have not had any gains in their terms, but the office was a volunteered one and they were given a set number of terms (thanks to George Washington) in which they provided their leadership service then moved on leaving it all behind, to a certain extent, to live their normal lives.

    1. Evan McKenzie profile image61
      Evan McKenzieposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Our forefathers were men of honor, their values were different, today civic leaders use leadership for the purpose of networking, and expanding their influence rather than to the service of the community as the primary reason.

    2. toradrake profile image82
      toradrakeposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Yes, but there are still good leaders out there that do work for the betterment of the people and not for themselves. They are just either not recognized or unable to reach top level leadership roles where they can be recognized.

  3. cheaptrick profile image73
    cheaptrickposted 15 months ago

    toradrake...excellent answer.Two simple laws
    1 No more money or special privileges in politics
    2 Any war requires Politicians children in the Initial front lines.Simplistic?...Ochams razor

    1. Evan McKenzie profile image61
      Evan McKenzieposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Society need leaders to run on behalf of the majority, in their interest, this may be difficult to explain as at times what society wants cannot be realized in the present reality, hens the wisdom of the leader should point the way for the greater g

  4. bradmasterOCcal profile image30
    bradmasterOCcalposted 15 months ago

    I would like to comment on your question, but I don't understand it. Sorry.


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