Is Trump devising feasible foreign policies?

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    InsightPostposted 9 months ago

    Is Trump devising feasible foreign policies?

    President Trump has been quite blunt about his approaches towards foreign countries, however do you agree that he is doing a good job? Please elaborate the area in which he excels and the area which is not his cup of tea.

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    Tim Truzy info4uposted 9 months ago

    Donald Trump is excellent at using his words and actions as a hammer across the heads of other leaders in the world, but he should try breaking bread and enjoying dinner with these people. He lacks tack in approaching some of our oldest allies while praising those who would prefer to use a hammer on the American democracy. What's missing from our president is the ability to be tough without being brutish. (F.D.R., Abe Lincoln, George Washington) Perhaps, instead of saying few Americans know about the Cilvil War, he should study the great president from that era. Lincoln made it clear to the British to stay out of our war and still maintained a good relationship with that nation.