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Is President Donald John Trump already a "lame duck" president? When did USA's

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    Perspycaciousposted 7 months ago

    Is President Donald John Trump already a "lame duck" president?  When did USA's decline begin 20__?

    This 4th of July the largest American flag to ever fly (400 pounds and 150' x 75') was unfurled in Grove Creek Canyon, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062.  It was a moment of reflection, pride, and patriotism, a canon fired, a WWII fighter plane flew down the canyon, "God Bless America" and "The Star Spangled Banner" were sung, the Boy Scouts of America unfurled the flag, "The Candy Bomber" spoke, and so did a US Army lieutenant back from Afghanistan.  In that moment the Americans present (nearly 1,000 who had carried, accompanied, and escorted the flag up the mountains) were united more than many.


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    Ericdierkerposted 7 months ago

    First, thank you for this. Just Monday my young son wearing his favorite stars and striped shirt asked me what was the biggest flag ever. Now I will show him this.
    Being a born and bred South Westerner I have come to expect these displays of great patriotism from Utah.
    As to your question though I wholly reject the premise. I do not buy into the TV narrative of a nation in decline. I look around me and see a great nation.I could walk to Mexico and back in a day and see a horribly run nation.
    This proclaimed "greatest divide" is total BS. I can't remember a full blown militia being deployed in years and years (maybe Ferguson though) When was the last Rodney King type riot? When was the last time a federal legislator caned another one?
    Today we argue about sanctuary cities - maybe a bad idea but one made of compassion and not hate. We argue about gender neutral bathrooms. We love to investigate malfeasance in and before office. No one likes war, except maybe those masters of war ala Dylan but we are not engaged in one where 4 dead are left in Ohio. A lady was just a major party's candidate for Presidential office and a Black one just left.
    Our military is fighting using the highest degree of restraint and respect for human life, and remains by far the greatest ever in the world going on near 200 years plus.
    We are vigilante in watching our government through police action. When there is wrong it is captured and exposed and things are done about it. While we have much to debate over all types of immigration we are debating the issue and looking for humane solutions that are practical.
    Disapproval ratings for nearly all political people are at all time highs -- that is a good thing and not a bad one. Nobody is being duped.
    My young son's school receives extra federal funding because of it's diversity of race and national origin. While there are hungry and homeless we are finally developing methods both private and public to deal with the problem.
    So boring to report but POTUS is getting a heck of a lot done. And regardless of the future results of things, he has made certain that within the near history we will not just be spoon fed business a usual and eat it without thinking again.

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      Perspycaciousposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      The largest American flag "ever flown" is the caveat.  Granted we didn't just stop doing the good things overnight, but a halted train is also not going forward.  Our international reputation has been taking a licking, our debt ceilings/meds. up etc.

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 7 months ago


    The US decline started in the late 1960's and has continued till 2017. The decline is verifiable by looking US history. It would take a huge hub to catalog and detail this but it is there.

    Both parties have contributed to the decline, actually the root cause is the two party US political system. The political ideology of both parties couldn't be more divergent. The congress through these two parties runs like a children's seesaw. When one party is up the other party is down, but neither party has had any real solutions for moving the country and the people forward.

    Like the seesaw, it only goes up and down but not forward. Each party will take its opportunity to move its goals, while removing the advances of the goals of the other party. When one party is in control, the other party becomes helpless, so they just resist the other party. Resistance is not the mechanism that moves the country and the people forward, but it is the mechanism for decline.

    In 2008, this decline movement hit bottom, and since then the congress has not been able to elevate the US from skimming across the bottom, near the brink of another collapse.

    President Trump had nothing whatsoever for this decline, as he was not in congress or in the presidency while it was happening since the late 1960s.

    Even today he is not responsible because the two parties are doing what they have always done and that is the gridlock. The democrats are more unified in resistance, while the republicans are confused as to who they should follow.

    But neither party has ever had the solutions, but both parties have always been the problem.

    To blame Trump for any of the decline is unrealistic. How can decades of US Decline be imputed to someone that wasn't in political office until 6 months ago?

    The problem of the US Decline has to be imputed to the loyal party voter in both parties. They supported an encouraged their continued failures to run the country away from the decade after decade downward decline.

    The loyal party voter elects the choice given to them by their party, and then the party they ignores the voter until the next election. While in office the elected official takes their agenda from the party, and the goals of the party have never been synonymous with needs of the country and the people.

    Both parties contributed to 911, and 2008. Both parties have contributed to endless wars decade after decade.

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      Perspycaciousposted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Congress and the politicians have united the American public. The Dems are disgusted with the Repubs. The Repubs are disgusted with the Dems, and the Independents are disgusted with Reubps. and Dems. All Americans are now disgusted. Unity at last!