Is it time for an ENTIRELY, DIFFERENT government beyond the Democratic & Republi

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    gmwilliamsposted 8 months ago

    Is it time for an ENTIRELY, DIFFERENT government beyond the Democratic & Republican political

    machinery in the United States?

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 8 months ago

    The two party system comprised of the dems and the repubs hasn't been beneficial for the country since they were created. Starting in the 1960s the country started the decline that culminated in 2008, and exists today.

    The root cause of this decline can be attributed and imputed to both parties. These two parties don't work for the people. They both use their loyal party voters to win elections. But, the candidate that is elected to public office was the party's candidate. Like the magician trick when they say pick a card, any card, you always pick the card They want you to pick. Look at the pathetic candidates both parties have given to the party voters.

    Even before the election campaign gets to the choice of the lesser of the two party's choice. The party has given little real choice because of their candidates.

    The two parties have a totally divergent ideology on how to run the country, and the people. This leaves no room at all to compromise on any issue that would benefit the country or Americans.

    Once again, I will repeat what I have said for a long time. Neither party has the solutions, but both parties contribute to the problems.

    Voters that are loyal to their party, are the root cause of the failure of the country and preventing prosperity for the country.

    The two party system is setup for the benefit of the real power houses, decision makers in the US government. These are the financial and powerful backers of the party and their candidates.

    Theoretically, it should be the people instead of these people. And as long as the loyal party voter puts party before country. It is these people that will continue to run the country, instead of the people.

    The loyal party voter treats their party as a hometown sports team, and like sports fans, these voters keeping supporting their team, no matter what. The truth however is there are not 2 teams in the US Congress. There is only 1 team and it has players from both parties.

    When one party fails, the loyal party voter blames the other party, and vice versa. This search for the guilty does nothing to change the result of the game. The congressional team Loses, when either party loses.

    And when was the last time Congress won a game?

    Voters need to be disloyal to their party, but loyal to their country and fellow Americans.

    Simple answer, the need for change is 50 years old. It just got worse every decade from the 1960s.