How is America in the 21st century becoming like the book, A TALE OF TWO CITIES

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    gmwilliamsposted 8 months ago

    How is America in the 21st century becoming like the book, A TALE OF TWO CITIES ?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 7 months ago

    As a run up to a French-style Revolution? No. The social justice warriors attacking fellow liberals at Evergreen State and Anfita bullies attacking people in Vancouver and Seattle show that they as readily assault classic liberals as conservatives and libertarians.

    The liberal bullies readily attacking liberal journalists at events is another indicator that they are inherently violent. This is turning even many liberals against social justice.

    College Journalist Attacked for Not Being Visibly Non-Fascist Enough … r-not-bein

    CNN's Tapper: People Need to Know That Antifa Has Assaulted a Number of Journalists … o-n2370023

    It would be closer to the French Revolution if Clinton had won, because these violent liberals would have state endorsement for their activities. They'd see it as morally acceptable to continue to attack conservative speakers and do so with impunity because the violent rhetoric they learned in college would be unabated and they'd face no consequences.

    In contrast to the San Jose Trump rally where liberals attack Trump supporters while police stood down, the first 2 Berkley riots where police stood back and other cases, police are now being pressured even in liberal jurisdictions to rein in the violent SJWs.

    TLDR - Trump's election prevented SJWs having a French style revolution, whereas her election would make the liberal bullies emboldened and empowered to repeat it.