Do you consider your country a police state? If you do, some think this together

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  1. profile image0
    threekeysposted 13 months ago

    Do you consider your country a police state?
    If you do, some think this together with

    the rise of nationalism is resembling the dynamics prior to WW11.

    What do us, the people, need to be mindful of to not allow something like WW11 to happen. It may not be neccesarily the same thing but what could happen is they could from cyberspace switch of the electricity grid in London and wham people could die within a week or two.

  2. Ericdierker profile image44
    Ericdierkerposted 13 months ago

    Cool question. Not where I live. Government interference is about right. We do not fund them enough for them to be a problem. And so many want more gov. but rally against the pigs. So even within the mind of just one there are competing thoughts and usually against the gov.
    So here we have these really cool reflections. It is very easy for one person to not want gov. enforcement of laws - just say marijuana and immigration. And in the same day want radical group leaders of another persuasion locked up and denied rights. And then vice versa.
    We hate the police state and love the police state here. A ton of us are fiscal conservatives and environmental socialists.
    A regime throws gays off of roofs and a large section wants the area bombed. Deadly gas is used in another and a large section cries for peace.
    If america was even 1/4 of one mind we could get in trouble with George Orwell. But alas we will never be, thank God.

  3. jo miller profile image93
    jo millerposted 13 months ago

    Not yet, though some would seem to want to make it a police state.  I don't think that can happen here, but then I never thought this country could elect someone like T-Rump

    1. profile image0
      threekeysposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      The way our media sources present all the police killings of unarmed citizens and the sheer number of police set to attend an incident in USA, makes me feel that your country is a police state. I hope not though, Jo.

  4. Glenis Rix profile image96
    Glenis Rixposted 13 months ago

    From a U.K perspective, the mood here amongst some people, often fuelled by the gutter press, seems negatively directed at certain cultural groups. So in that respect, yes, it could be seen to have similarities to the anti-Jewish position taken by the Nazis prior to WW2.

    So how could we combat prejudice?I think there has to be more dialogue between the different cultures to foster understanding. We have a moral responsibility to accept our fair share of refugees who are fleeing from war zones and some people need to come to terms with that.

    I also believe that minority groups must accept the culture of the country that they have chosen to enter, even if they are unable to fully subscribe to some aspects of it. Britain is for the most part secular nowadays but the fact remains that the Monarch, the constitutional Head of State, carries the title Defender of the Faith, and even non- believers try to live by values that are similar to those of Christianity.
    As a Nation we believe in freedom of speech, justice, equality, women's rights, fairness for all,and the Rule of Law. Learn to live with it - or leave. Because, I believe that, if necessary, those values will be defended until the last man is left standing.


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