Why is it that no one has attempted and prevailed in having this so called presi

  1. Genesis Shines profile image61
    Genesis Shinesposted 7 months ago

    Why is it that no one has attempted and prevailed in having this so called president Trump impeached

    Trump is a the most racist president I have seen voted into the White House. He tweets, he rants, he makes insensitive comments about our soldiers why is he still the president or the United States???

  2. Alternative Prime profile image75
    Alternative Primeposted 7 months ago


    Although the Vast Majority of AMERICANs would like to see Mr. Trump's REMOVAL Expedited to AVERT even more Catastrophic Damage, the Depth of "CORRUPTION, TIEs & Connections" to Foreign Adversarial Dictators such as Vladimir Putin, is Unprecedented which obviously indicates the Multiple INVESTIGATIONs currently under way, need more time to collect evidence & ultimately conclude ~ ALL "Indictments & Charges" must be in order for a smoother more coordinated legal process post investigations ~

    If we are still a "Nation of LAWs", and his Psychological ILLNESSEs aside, at a very minimum Mr.Trump should be INDICTED for Conspiracy, Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, Witness Intimidation & Tampering, Abuse of POWER, TREASON & Constitutional Violations ~ Let's PRAY he's REMOVED before he has the chance to DISMANTLE Your Child's HealthCARE which will inevitably TRIGGER a "HealthCARE Holocaust", and before he can illegally Transfer 2 Trillion of OUR Wealth in the form of "CORPORATE Welfare Tax Cuts" from US to Wall Street & the GREEDY Weirdo Steve Mnuchin's of the World, this will inevitably TRIGGER another "PANDEMIC of Poverty" ~

    CONTACT Your Representative & DEMAND this Unhinged Madman is Stopped BEFORE It's Too Late ~