On which topic I write articles?

  1. Jawad Bukhari profile image60
    Jawad Bukhariposted 6 months ago

    On which topic I write articles?

  2. lovetherain profile image81
    lovetherainposted 6 months ago

    You should probably write what you know about. That is just my opinion however. Also write what interests you. Then you can have fun researching your subject.

  3. songboat profile image61
    songboatposted 5 months ago


    you are welcome to write about a case of public corruption that I know about. In this case the local city and county officials including law enforcement  used chemicals as a weapon by applying it to a neighbor's property with intent to cause serious injury of death. They denied her any right to file a trespassing complaint, they denied her equal protection of the law. Her lawyer failed to file a complaint against the party he was hired to file it against. The city clerk committed multiple counts of fraud. The city and county attorney filed multiple complaints against her based on fabricated laws The motive for all this was to eliminate her from her home, business and property so one of their own could acquire it. He had to acquire it because he redeveloped his newly purchased nonconforming property from the Mayor. He illegally redeveloped it with illegal building permits. When he went to get the redevelopment recorded on the county plat map it was rejected. His only option was to remove the oversized structures and return the property back to its existing condition or eliminate the neighbor and acquire her property. He chose the latter. Needless to say after 5 years of waiting for someone with the authority to stop him from his terrorist acts, she was ready to die. She knew she was dying. She sold the property to a third party for enough to pay back her friends that has supported her through her 5 years of severe suffering and cover her final expenses. This was a conspiracy against her rights, deprivation of rights under color of law and domestic terrorism. The evidence proves her allegation, no person of authority has ever reviewed her evidence. This is unprecedented case.. She has more than enough hard copy evidence such as EPA reports. Witness statements who are related to the government officials everything to prove her case. This is a case the FBI should be investigating according to their guidelines but the local agent advised her this is a civil case, what a joke.