Leave Air Jamaica into the hands of the Jamaican

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    rustb60posted 7 years ago

    I am a Jamaican living in the United Kingdom, one thing i am sure of that Jamaica is my Home.  I would someday want to go back home knowing that the assets of the Jamaican people stays in Jamaica.
    The country like most country in the world is having its fair share of the recessions, I thinks that we would be in a stronger position if we did not have the last 18 years of minus growth, but be that as it may, government have sold everything that is worth selling in Jamaica and I am begging Jamaican out there we need to put our pennies together to invest in our country. I know that Jamaican all over the world are some of the most patriotic set of people in the world, this shows in the amount of money send each year in remittance to their loves ones.
    I am asking or better yet begging the government to create a Bond that people can buy to resuscitate the air line, I am sure that the interest on the bond is not the most important issue at the moment, I would love my daughter to own a piece of air Jamaica i am also asking that there be restriction set to govern the sale.