The Right-Wing/Libertarian Response to the CoronaVirus

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  1. crankalicious profile image90
    crankaliciousposted 7 days ago

    There's a theme across most right-wing/Libertarian/non-Left responses to the Coronavirus in these forums and it's this:

    1. The response to the Coronavirus is overblown
    2. The government is taking away our freedoms
    3. Avoiding a police state is more important than not letting the disease spread
    4. We need to just let the chips fall where they may.
    5. This isn't as bad as the flu.

    If you're opposed to the government's current handling of the virus, what is your solution? And if your answer is "let the virus run its course" and "let the chips fall where they may" then how many dead is acceptable to you? Let's assume conservatively that the death rate is 1% and everyone will get this under the "let the chips fall where they may" scenario.

    Is 3.3 million dead acceptable? If the death rate is 3% (which I've seen used by at least one conservative), is 9 million dead acceptable?

    1. Kyler J Falk profile image83
      Kyler J Falkposted 7 days agoin reply to this

      God sent the virus, let God take it away....

      Just kidding I don't believe in deities. I think it is being handled well and I have none of the swathes of intelligence nor resources the government has so I have no real way of saying whether or not they are acting appropriately, nor could I speculate on more appropriate actions without their same resources and intel.

      Also I'm not so sure why California news is so serious, here in SoCal everyone is out at the beach or the parks now that it is sunny. I'm even seeing people out and about in my neighborhood I've never seen before, and I know everyone so I really don't know what is going on.

      Neither myself, nor my girlfriend with thousands of friends around the world know anyone who is sick personally. All this is nuts. Good news though, we are installing a bidet to be a bit more progressive with environmental protection and reducing paper waste.

      Stay safe out there. Keep calm and party on.

      1. CHRIS57 profile image60
        CHRIS57posted 7 days agoin reply to this

        Personally i am with the conservative approach of not overstressing the situation. However I would say: keep calm - but don´t party on. A little explanation:
        1. I am writing from Germany. Here we have a curfew ban on  more than 2 people coming together. Personally think this is way too aggregated, but lets look at maths.
        Johns Hopkins University publishes an online map of corona infection. Being an olde professional engineer i had a closer look and derived some information. Putting aside China (that is settled already, almost static situation) infections on this planet double every 4 days. Death toll doubles every 3 days by the way.
        Just looking at the US (with the ridicule attitude of the comment) the infection rate doubles every 2 days. In Europe hot spots are cooling down and we have now a doubling every 5 days over here.
        Taking this into consideration i tend to promise that within less than 10 days the US will pass the first million infected, within 15 days the death toll will pass 10.000.
        2. Is this frightening? I would say: Yes. This corona stuff is a lung related disease, - so lets compare with something like lung cancer: There should be a US death rate on lung cancer of some 8.500 per week. The dynamics of Corona will easily beat this number within 2 weeks to come. 3. You young folks will not really be affected. But you will get infected carry the infection and spread. You won´t have grandma and grandpa any more.
        Just saying.

        1. Kyler J Falk profile image83
          Kyler J Falkposted 7 days agoin reply to this

          A lot of good information, pardon my flippant attitude within the post as it does not represent my stance on  the subject in any way. I was just trying to answer the OP's questions, which I don't think anyone can answer in any accurate and constructive way without being some sort of government official with access to actual intelligence and resources available to them.

          I will say, however, it is flattering you'd go out of your way to make me the focus rather than the questions within the OP. I still say keep calm and party on, because it is just an idiomatic phrase that I enjoy.

          1. CHRIS57 profile image60
            CHRIS57posted 7 days agoin reply to this

            Yes, you are right - i kind of sidestepped the questions from the OP. So let me switch on some light.
            Me think there are 2 possible ways to conquer this pandemia.
            1. Create flock immunity:
            Hide away, lock away all old people with high risk potential. Let the virus spread uncontrolled among the younger population to create high common immunity.
            2. Increase social distance:
            This is where you get to with curfew bans, restrictions to travel, no party events, no theater, no football, no social contacts... (the China way)

            I had the initial impression that Trump, Johnson (UK) and Rutte (Netherlands) followed idea no.1.  All other countries acted according to no. 2.
            By now, idea no 1. prooved not to be effective enough, so all now switched to no.2. I would say: too late. Things are out of control.

            A word on the political and economic impact of corona: Taking away personal freedom is very problematic, however the Corona crisis reminds me of Sept. 11. I was in the US at that time and observed how easy it was to manipulate the people. George W. Bush could have done anything at that time. Checks and balances were not working. Today the crisis is easy prey for the Trump administration to cover all the unsolved open ends of his politics.
            As the crisis progresses, we will see that a Tsunami of problems and responsibilites will roll back over Trump. Just to name one issue: Bad health care system. Count the number of hospital beds per inhabitant (2.9 per 1000) and you find the US in the same group with Libanon or Albania. Looks even worse for intensive care units.
            Economically the measures in place and coming will hit much harder than the Lehman Brothers crisis in 2007/2008. This may not be seen yet, but after the crisis is over China´s economy will be right in the neck of the US economy. The thing about social distancing without total control is that infection spreading is slowing only, but not isolated. So it took China some 2 months to stabilize the situation with total isolation but it will take the west more than double that timeframe to stabilize.


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