Terrorism and extrimism in muslim country

  1. shabbirkhi profile image59
    shabbirkhiposted 14 years ago

    We are living in year of two thousand ten now human beings discover not only this world but also other planet like moon and we prouds we developed but i think we as a human beings not developed we developed in science and technology but not human beings itself in all phase that is why terrorisum still found in the world specialy in poor country even Terrorism still not defined in many country human not developed in many social issues terrorism is one of them
    Terrorist are a special mind people but the question is who creates them i think there are two basic reason one of them is poverty unjustice hate panic lake of security law & order situation and this things mostly found in poor country and 2nd reason is religious but some time both gets together starts work together we must remove poverty from the earth after that i belive religious terrorism and religious actrimist will also remove automaticaly with the passage of time because they will not found unsatisfied people to use them for it as far as matter of islam is concern islam is a religon of peace never says to make even trouble for some one how they will allow to kill someone some people are also using the teaches of islam in a wrong way if anybody have doubt should see the teaches of islam to open Holly book Quran it is available in all language they will surprise and impressed to see the teaches of islam.

  2. profile image0
    Will Bensonposted 14 years ago

    Thank you for your insights into one of the world's big problems.

    What do you think can be done to fix the problem?

  3. profile image73
    soumyasrajanposted 14 years ago

    Your final words are good. Indeed,  if some basic needs of life are satisfied then average persons may not take trouble to do useless things which do not affect theri lives, certainly not violent acts.  This is the model followed in western Europe and USA. They have managed to keep satisfaction of this type for average person.

    But your initial assessment about reasons for spread of terrorism are in reverse direction. When you imply terrorism is only because of poor people,  you are looking only at foot soldiers who just now have no option but to follow their masters.

    Spread of terrorism today has very little to do with religion or poor people. Main cause of spread of terrorism today is that many  Muslim countries are ruled by Army or feudal lords. For example Pakistan has now democracy but real rulers are mainly army top guys and a few feudal lords. Saudi Arabia is another example. These rulers have decided that  they can never have technological economic capacity to fight conventional wars or to stop spread of development in their country, which may result in  erosion in their hold over masses in their country. They decided that only way they can have their power in their own country as well as in other countries is by having proxy wars using terrorism and instigating religious sentiments among masses to have support for such wars.  For this to happen they do not mind even  people in their own country getting killed.

    Many articles in Pakistani press  point out that real extremism  in their society also started from  upper middle class and mainly army officers.

    It is these rulers who are also bent on keeping main population there uneducated and poor and using them as a tool. Creating  Muslim religious sentiments to find foot soldiers all over world  is  also being used by them as a  tool to create an international proxy war set up. One can also see  the manner in which they fight terrorists and how western people do, reflects this phenomena.. While western countries take a lot of care to decrease civilian deaths using technological tools Pakistani army does not mind even carpet bombing areas in their own country, resulting in mass casualties and displacements. Many writers from Pakistan have recorded miseries this has caused.

    It is unfortunate that while large countries of the region like India, China  are now not properly organized or  manged to fight these rulers and help economically the actual population in these countries, the western countries have got involved specially after 9/11 in fighting only foot soldiers and are in the name of helping population in these countries helping and paying bribes to only these top rulers. Even earlier than 9/11 they were playing the same game.

    The strategies of USA and Western European countries now  seem to be  lost in corruption in their own set up and a quagmire.  They are  fighting the foot soldiers and at the same time helping these top rulers who are organizing these foot soldiers against them. Thus they seem to be bent on fighting in af-pak sector war from both sides! Until they resolve to put their act in proper perspective chances are very less that the problem will get solved.


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