Biden Went Down To Georgia Y'All

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  1. Sharlee01 profile image85
    Sharlee01posted 14 months ago
    Biden shouted that if you disagree with him, "you’re George Wallace … If you don’t pass the laws he wants, you’re Bull Connor, and if you oppose giving Democrats untrammeled, one-party control of the country, well, you’re Jefferson Davis.” Does this sound a bit like --- Basket of deplorable"? 

    And this was the guy some elected to unite the country. He coughed, shouted angrily, lied, and you might guess took a page out of the book "Cheap Politian Quips" page 202 -- and used the term "y" all". For the better part of the speech, he railed obsessively against Donald Trump.

    He demonizes millions of Americans who oppose the Democrats’ cynical plan to federalize elections, move to ban voter ID, legalize ballot harvesting and ultimately ensure they never lose another election.

    In my view, his performance was disgraceful.  The president went down to  Georga to offer a disgraceful pack of lies about the filibuster and Democrats’ so-called “voting rights” bills.   

    Despite unique challenges to voter registration and voting created by COVID-19 and heightened concerns about turnout as a result, the 2020 election had the highest voter turnout of the 21st century.  The 2020 election featured the largest increase in voters between two presidential elections on record with 17 million more people voting than in 2016. The COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent Americans from registering and voting at record rates.

    Yet in my opinion, this president hoped that his audience would believe that the GOP is turning back the hands of time, and trying to impinge on their right to vote.   Biden shouted that if you disagree with him, "you’re George Wallace". Has there ever been such a ridiculous statement uttered from a politician's mouth?  Well yes, but this one is right up there.

    Perhaps Biden’s most clever fib was claiming he only wants a one-time exception to the rule for the bills, which aim to (unconstitutionally) federalize voting rules. Sure Joe, "that's the ticket"...

    Biden’s mistruths did not end there. He went on to mischaracterize the recent GOP-led changes to state voting laws as “Jim Crow 2.0,” when none of them make those states’ rules more restrictive than the laws in his own state of Delaware or ultra-blue New York.

    By and large, the laws that some states have changed simply roll back some of the “everything goes” election rules adopted in 2020 to ease voting amid the pandemic.

    He even had the stones to repeat his popular mistruth ( which has been utterly debunked)  the claim to have been arrested as a young man while protesting for civil rights.  One only needs to do a bit of research to uncover his early history in regard to civil rights.

    He was clearly in my view, pandering to the crowd, and attempting to draw out angry emotions with mistruths.

    The nation has real needs right now, from Omicron to a messed up supply chain to 7% inflation, and a border that is for the most part open to all.  Perhaps if honest, Biden would have focused on the problems that are truely affecting Americans.  Rather than pitching divisive falsehoods to serve the desires of one faction of his party. I see his careless rhetoric harmful, and an attempt to stir racial tensions.

    I shared my views on  Biden's Georgia speech.  And yes, clearly I was sickened by it, no surprise there.

    Question --- What did you come away with?

  2. Valeant profile image88
    Valeantposted 14 months ago

    Move to ban voter ID?  Clearly you haven't read what they are trying to pass.  It standardizes it for states that want some form presented, not bans it.  Ensure they never lose another election - by making it easy to legally vote.  You're only mad because if people vote, your party loses.  Now that's some cynicism.

    And yes, 2020 was a great turnout election.  Since then, GOP states have passed laws to limit that turnout by eliminating options for drop boxes in communities of color and shortened the amount of time for mail-in ballots now that Democratic voters understand that process and have used it successfully.

    Why eliminate options for high turnout when 2020 was considered a success?  You're right, it's cynicism and self-interest and those are the only reasons.  That's the real shame.

    And many of us on the left see the alterations of voting laws for what they are, clear attempts to suppress the rights of certain Americans to ensure the GOP eliminates fair elections because they no longer believe in democracy.  The only fair election to them now is if they win and only if they win.  If they lose, it's rigged or fraudulent despite there being zero evidence of that.

    Omicron and inflation are issues, but to many of us, they pale in comparison to the end of democracy.  There is no greater threat to our country right now than Trumpist lies that led to new restrictive voting laws.

    I heard a speech recently that was also full of lies.  This one was in Arizona and made all kinds of imaginary claims about the 2020 election.  Amazing that you choose not to post threads and accept those lies.  You don't even blink when someone is actively undermining democracy.  Someone stands up for it, and you're 'sickened.'  This thread must be a joke.

    1. Sharlee01 profile image85
      Sharlee01posted 14 months agoin reply to this

      A separate part of the bill prohibits states from requiring voters to submit IDs to obtain or cast absentee ballots. States can still require voters to sign the ballot envelope, a key security measure used to verify voters’ identities.

      It is this measure that at least one group opposing the Freedom to Vote Act says amounts to a ban on voter ID for absentee ballots.

      In regard to Trump, if he runs he will be open game, and I will most certainly comment on all Trump.

      The thread is an opinion, and hopefully, it will open a conversation on the speech in question. Not once again a compare Trump to Biden thread.

      I am appreciative that you opened the conversation. Hopefully, more share their views on the speech.

      1. Valeant profile image88
        Valeantposted 14 months agoin reply to this

        I did forget that states did want more voter ID on absentee balloting.  Sorry I did not read deeper into that.

        As for Trump and running, he is basically out there campaigning, at the very least campaigning against Biden, with his Arizona rally.  That makes him fair game.

        How much fraud was found with absentee ballots?  Why the need for a change?  Perhaps if there was fraud, a change would have been necessary.  But a change because there was high turnout is just basic suppression.

        1. Sharlee01 profile image85
          Sharlee01posted 14 months agoin reply to this

          It does appear he will run.  I had hoped we would see fresh candidates. I think this is a problem, and this problem keeps us in the weeds. I feel we need new fresh candidates, with new fresh agendas.

          I am not sure about how much fraud may have been found with absentee ballots. But, in the last election one still had to prove who they were on the voter mail-in ballot. I know here in Michigan we had to have ID to
          when applying to vote by mail-in, with a signature that is compared with the ballot each time a ballot is submitted.

          I don't think it should be a problem to use an ID to vote. I have used an ID to vote each and every time I vote.  I don't buy into some who can't obtain ID easily. Can't imagine how one would maneuver our society today without some form of legal ID. If there is a problem with a
          a small part of our society that has slipped through the cracks, I would think the Federal Government could alienate this problem, instead of blanketing all and doing away with voter ID.

          Sorry, this voter ID thing IMO would end up promoting fraud.

          I can't say I have not read all the new changes in regard to voting laws. But I did read Georgia changes.  I actually think if more took the time to read the changes in full they might see, the new changes actually help it easier to vote and will make it easier for voters.

          1. Fayetteville Faye profile image61
            Fayetteville Fayeposted 14 months agoin reply to this

            George's bill expands the state legislature’s power over election administration.
            This provision is the most troubling one especially against the backdrop of unproven claims of voter fraud. It gives Georgia’s Republican-controlled General Assembly effective control over the State Board of Elections and empowers the state board to take over local county boards. This would functionally allow Republicans to handpick the people in charge of disqualifying ballots in Democratic-leaning places like Atlanta.
            My biggest problem with the Georgia bill? Their reforms were created to validate Mr Trump's big lie.
            Legislation is created to solve problems. What problem are they solving? Restoring faith in elections? That was a Republican created problem from Mr Trump on down. I'd say that Georgia Republicans have merely ratified their own lie.

            1. Sharlee01 profile image85
              Sharlee01posted 14 months agoin reply to this

              What Georgia did was to add some of the very things that they had seen work during the pandemic. Options that they did not have prior to the 2020 election.  The media did a job on Georgia. Her are a few very good things I found in  Georgia's new voting laws.

              The law does make significant changes to the way the state will run elections moving forward this is true.. It actually expands early voting access for Georgia voters, it adds an ID requirement for absentee voting, codifies the use of drop boxes with some rules on how they can be used and sets new rules for state and local election officials. (Absentee ballot drop boxes, used for the first time in 2020 in Georgia) So this is an added benefit for voters.

              Nearly 2.7 million Georgians voted early during the 2020 general election and the new law will offer more opportunities for early voting in the majority of Georgia's counties.  There will be at least 17 days of early voting, starting on a Monday that is 22 days before Election Day until the Friday before an election.

              This is something the Democrats are not happy about.

              ID is now required not just for in-person voting, but also for mail-in voting
              Previously in Georgia, a form of identification was required for voting in person but not for voting absentee by mail. The new law requires those requesting and returning ballots by mail to also submit a driver's license number or state ID number. If the voter does not have one, he or she can submit a photocopy of a different form of identification. The county registrar's offices or the Georgia Department of Driver Services can issue free state ID cards. When a voter returns an absentee ballot, he or she can also provide the last four digits of their Social Security number in place of an ID number. 
              ( this seems very reasonable and very fair in my view)

              Food and drink distribution to voters in line by non-poll workers is banned, but "self-service" water stands are allowed --- the new law

              Georgia had already outlawed campaigns or other groups from distributing or displaying any campaign material within 150 feet of a polling place or within 25 feet of any voters standing in line for a polling site, and the new law now bans  giving voters any gifts, "including but not limited to, food and drink."

              I can see your concern over George's expanding the state legislature’s power over election administration. This certainly could cause problems.

  3. Ken Burgess profile image82
    Ken Burgessposted 14 months ago

    Joe Biden only wishes he could be as coherent as this:

    1. Fayetteville Faye profile image61
      Fayetteville Fayeposted 14 months agoin reply to this
  4. Kenna McHugh profile image89
    Kenna McHughposted 14 months ago

    Change the people, then change the government.

  5. IslandBites profile image89
    IslandBitesposted 14 months ago

    You're so funny. LOL

  6. Fayetteville Faye profile image61
    Fayetteville Fayeposted 14 months ago

    Republicans have pushed new voting restrictions in nearly every state. From making it harder to cast ballots early to increasing the frequency of voter roll purges.

    All of these measures in the name of “election integrity,” but, in reality,  at the heart of this effort is Mr. Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him.
    We had an election that was amazing in the midst of a pandemic. Republicans,  instead of applauding themselves for it,  went with the big lie instead.
    And now Republicans are making extraordinary  efforts to pass new voter restrictions even though there was no evidence of voter fraud in the election.
    We desperately need to fix something that was never broken?  We've been shown over and over that election fraud is rare.
    Republicans understand that as more people vote, Republicans lose. 
    It's been a part of the strategy through history.
    "As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”  said Paul Weyrich, an influential conservative advisor to Ronald Reagan.
    Even Mr Trump understands.
    "They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” Trump said during an appearance on Fox & Friends."
    Ultimately it comes down to the fact that Republicans have long understood  that creating barriers to voting are  a necessary part of their political self-preservation.


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