MPs Claims

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    bones13posted 7 years ago

    Here we are again at the same point we were before.  MPs are fiddling quite openly. I'm not shocked about this,I'm just surprised how well we, as a nation, just accepts it.  We shouted loudly when it came to the bankers but only quimpered when it came to the people who are supposed to represent us.  These are the poeple we vote for and put into office. Yet we have done nothing.  Just like the bankers they have got away with stealing our money. Why not gather together a solicitor, who wants to make a nme for themselves in the papers, and sue the MPs for our money back? There must be some solicitor who wants headlines? Why is it we are never suprised in this country when someone in authority has been corrupted? Perhaps we are following the USA in every way. Shame. I bet we are not called the British Bulldog any longer - perhaps the British Poodle instead would be more fitting.................