The Answer to Why they make things so difficult!!!!!

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    PissedoffVetposted 8 years ago

    I know there are a lot of us out there wondering why the simplest things we try to do are always so complicated and difficult. Well, the answer is simple....If we are always griping and yelling about why things are so difficult, we are not addressing the problem and focusing on how to fix it....they keep us of balance, by getting our emotions into the equations....When we are angry, we can't fight....When we are angry, we can't organize. When we are angry, we can't think and when we are angry, we can't do.....
      I can give examples of how they keep us off balance...example one, is the gas prices....they go sky high. Everyone gets the picket, do they march on city halls, do they boycott the gas stations, yell, we get mad....And all the while, the price of milk, bread, cereal, meat, and disposable razors all go up......Eventually gas goes down....and are anger goes down....but the price of the other items i mentioned do not...but that is ok with most, because gas prices have went back down.....Should that be ok.....I dont think so....Come on Americans!!!!! Stand up and Say it....It is time to!!!! So do it...Stand Up and Say We are Americans and we live in the greatest country in the world. We started out great, and we will finish great....we started this way because we had honesty and integrity, and our fore fathers had the foresight to create a great nation where the people could effect the change needed to ensure that this country's government would remain honest, and ensure that the government's integrity would always remain above question. And we as citizens have failed in that regard...we have let the greed and corruption go on long enough....Stand Up and Say ENOUGH.....say...I AM AN AMERICAN AND THIS IS MY COUNTRY!!!!

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      I agree with you