Why are Americans so angry at the present administration? Is it misplaced anger

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  1. DynamicS profile image62
    DynamicSposted 14 years ago

    Why are Americans so angry at the present administration?  Is it misplaced anger from the last 4 yea

  2. Hmrjmr1 profile image68
    Hmrjmr1posted 14 years ago

    No it's anger placed on a set of programs and values that much of the country doesn't agree with. Probably 20% of the folks that voted for Mr Obama didn't realize he would actually do the things he talked about during the campaign, or didn't think he would be successful with them. They are finding out and not liking it.

  3. Hi-Jinks profile image59
    Hi-Jinksposted 14 years ago

    The sore losers are angry. They are loud and noisy.

  4. ginosblog profile image61
    ginosblogposted 14 years ago

    SORE LOSERS? Are You Serious? Do the math my friend. Obama has done absolutely nothing for the country but worsen it's situation with the Middle East, sink the economy by absurd spending (we went to war with the British for much much less than this), taken over the financial institutions, portions of the auto industry (to which they are still doing terrible), and approved more pigs ears than Jimmy Dean ever saw! If he had given you and me and every one in the country $50,000.00 the economy would be booming but no, he gave trillions to companies such as CIT Group that just went bankrupt holding 2 billion dollars of Obama's treasonous payouts. SORE LOSERS? NO! And by the way. I know he does not ever mention his mom but Obama is white and black so I can't be a racist. So don't even go there pal! It's all about the numbers.

  5. GNelson profile image61
    GNelsonposted 14 years ago

    Every adminastration has it's nit-pickers.  It is what we do because we are free to do it.  We Americans agree that we have the right to express ourselves and we do.  I am thankful for that right.  I wish everyone had it!

  6. shriketexas profile image60
    shriketexasposted 14 years ago

    We are angry because of the fiscal irresponsibility of both parties. Bush Jr spent money on a war that we should never have been involved in, putting us in dept and this current party wants and is digging us into a deeper hole and turning us into a socialist one world order, so what's to be pissed about. The government has us by the short ones and we better start standing up or there will be no America left-just a shell of a once great nation-it's up to us too change it

  7. Gale Force profile image59
    Gale Forceposted 14 years ago

    I think many Americans are angry at the present administration because of the sheer hypocrisy of it. A majority of Americans think all politicians are crooks (I know I do) but they also thought that Barack Obama was somehow different. That he was honest and would bring honesty and integrity back to government circles. And they believed this because any time someone brought to light some crooked or dishonest or unethical thing he did, it was dismissed as being racist. Criticize Obama? Racist!

    But now, Obama's true color (red - for communist, and green, for money for himself and his family) is coming out, and more and more people are realizng that he's just like every other politician, in that he's as crooked and hypocritcal as everyone else.

    But more than anger is fear. Fear that he - and the Dems, of course - is turning the US into a socialist state on the European model which is going to be disasterous for the world. And us, of course.

  8. Dolores Monet profile image93
    Dolores Monetposted 14 years ago

    I think that people are angry because the economy is in such a mess. So many people have been laid off, and incomes are slack and not keeping up with living expenses. Of course the war still goes on. A lot of these problems have roots in the part administration and some folks thought the fix would be swift and simple. That is impossible.
    Also, from the beginning of Obama's administration, the right wing followed Rush's advise to stand against everything Obama says or does, even if it's a great idea. Plus, I personally know people who have made very bigoted remarks about the president, so I know where they are coming from in  their complaints.

  9. Springboard profile image81
    Springboardposted 14 years ago

    I disagree with Dolores Monet that everything wrong about the Obama administration stems from the right wing, or that even all the dissent stems from the right wing. One need look no further than the current health care debate to see that there are factions on ALL sides who oppose many aspects of that bill in particular. The far left is abandoning the president in droves.

    I would actually find it troubling if our Congress always sided or agreed 100% with their party line or who their party president is. People, though ideological, still must be intelligent enough and respectable enough to draw their own conclusions as to who has the right idea and who has the wrong idea about how things should go.

    By the way, calling anyone a name for any reason just because you don't like them or what they stand for—and the color of their skin—is bigotry. George W. Bush was not stupid, but people called him that because they didn't like him. Neither is Sarah Palin stupid. But because people don't agree with her or don't like her they throw that out there. It's just as hurtful and just as wrong as calling Barack Obama something that has nothing to do with the merit or lack of merit of his policies. I've heard some black people cry racism to whites for their disagreeing with his policies, and I've heard those same people call Bush stupid. The remarks are exactly the same thing and equally offensive.

    Simply put, if someone is debating anyone based on name calling, they obviously are therefore lacking in any real opposing argument anyway, and are, in my opinion, therefore irrelevant.

  10. MikeNV profile image66
    MikeNVposted 14 years ago

    Obama Appointees are giving an open checkbook to Bankers so they can steal the remaining assets of the people.

    Just today:

    "The Treasury Department said Thursday it removed the $400 billion financial cap it will provide to keep the companies from failing. Already, taxpayers have shelled out $111 billion to the pair."

    A blank check to Bankers... no strings attached.  This is NOT Tarp Money.

    This is money given out by Obama Appointee Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (Former Federal Reserve Chairman of New York Federal Reserve Bank).

    You would have to be completely stupid not to see the deception and theft... it's right out in the open.

    Team Obama is stealing what is left of American Assets and handing the Deed of ownership to private Bankers.  Bankers who are not even American!

    The Federal Reserve is NOT a Government Agency.

    People who talk about "losers" are of low intelligence.

    When you vote for a president you don't Win anything because the person you voted for gets elected. That's like saying you won because you watched a sporting event and the team you cheered for scored more points.

    You go home out your ticket money, they go home to their million dollar mansions.

    Ask the 22 Million who have lost their homes to foreclosure what they won?  As the 1 in 4 who are upside down in their mortgages what they "won".

    Ask the 1 in 5 Children under the age of 5 living below the poverty line what they "won".

    If you are too stupid to see the theft that is occurring and the deception that is occupying then you deserve to be duped.

    Ask the millions of Unemployed what they "won".

    Way to go "winners".

  11. danielthorne profile image40
    danielthorneposted 14 years ago

    Because he is ushering in the new age of socialism...when he said change he meant it...surprise...

  12. profile image0
    Daniel Lovesposted 14 years ago

    though there is deserved anger from the last administration, people are mad (and don't even admit this is why to themselves) that they got a president who tricked his voters into voting for him.  they have a man calling himself a man for the people when he is more like a an american presidential dictator.  thank god for our checks and balances that slow him down, but he is bordering tyranny, and i call it tyranny because he is going asgainst the majority will of the people by picking up support from the vulnerable minds.  he campaigned as a voice for the people and leads his administration with mostly one thing on his mind,  his voice!  i hope people learn from this mistake.  and i hope we can elect another non-white president under more hoenst terms.  i wish the first african american president to be elected in america wasn't a scam and a fake.  i really wish this first time happening could have been a greater thing.  it could have been so much more beautiful an event, if it was a man of good character and cause.  all obama wants is america to lose its old name of power for a new name of power, and that name is fascist!!!!!

  13. dabeaner profile image60
    dabeanerposted 14 years ago

    The American public is angry because they are clueless.  They keep voting in the same a-holes every year.  It doesn't matter which party; they are essentially the same.  Since the Americans (and voters in other countries as well -- Americans are not unique) are primitive tribal leader followers, they follow the charismatic psychopaths.  They want to be "led" and taken care of.  The fascist politicians are only too happy to oblige -- for a price, the public's freedom and prosperity.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/america-what-we … the-answer

  14. wacknuts profile image61
    wacknutsposted 14 years ago

    2 truths that are inarguable and indisputable.

    1. Washington, as is, is irreparably broken. Power, special interests, and money rule the day. Common sense has taken a leave of absence. The voters/taxpayers have been abandoned.(why shouldn't I be concerned)

    2  Our Country is financially and irreparably broke, bankrupt, and we, our children, our future grandchildren, are all drowning or going to be drowning in this sink hole, or  money pit, "our" representatives and senators have dug for us.(Why shouldn't I be upset)

    The politicians are not listening to the majority of taxpayers/voters today.  I, for one, want this outrageous spending and the monetizing of debt to cease. $14 trillion dollars of debt. $65 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities such as Medicare and Social Security, which the latter is the grandest and greatest Ponzi Scheme ever to be foisted upon a populace of people in the history of mankind. Printing money will cause hyperinflation like never before experienced in this country in the near future. (Are you not concerned)

    We have a President, the leader of this country, that is so one dimensional in his thinking that it is frightening.  He apparently has an obsessive compulsive disorder about health care reform which 70-80% percent of American do not want or care to be apart of. He can't get his tires out of the mud until health care reform is passed. And from what I can tell he is not a very good listener when it comes to constructive criticism. ( you bet I am angry)

    1/3 of Medicare is fraudulently abused.  Social Security was never structured for the programs that it shoulders today. We have social programs on top of social programs that have promoted the belief that people can be taken care of from cradle to grave, all that is required is to go to a federal office, stand in line for a couple of hours, fill out the necessary paperwork and then head to the mailbox once a month and collect your winnings. (If you are not upset, concerned for your future or angry, what would make you so?)

    I guess you can keep kidding yourself that a shiny turd is worth more  than a regular turd!

  15. profile image49
    eve7777posted 14 years ago

    american people   it is without a doubt that anything wrong with america  did not happen in one year....this is a fact     you have to thank tHe republican party who single handly brought our country down to its knees !!!!!!     and another fact is... you will never be able to stand if you do not have a health bill . period.   the facts are that at any given moment any family in america that develops a health issue within it will be wiped out !!!  completely financially wiped out !!!!   and you will never financially get out from under the rock that a medical situation will put you in.    the whole world other than america has a health care program are you all so blind , so incapable mentaly of realizing what america needs in place in order to get up off its knees ?????     god help you if all you can do is rant and rage  instead of   READ!!!
    so many of you that open your mouth have not read one page of the bill    go to the government site and read people.    before you continue to say and do  some pretty dumb things.    and for gods sake for all those who are taking advantage of those americans  with incapasitated brains to further your agends    just remember  as easy as it is to persuade these  people with diminished capacity to think  they will as easily be persuaded to turn on you one day,,,,,,,,i think the hatred and anger and pure stupidity being stirred up by the republicans just shows that you have not evolved in te past 100 centurys   you are like cave men with the hatred that only people with fear would have.....ignorance will keep you a prisoner of this,  knowledge will set you free..............be free be independant to think for yourselves,  get smart    READ!!!!!!


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