Medicaid Failed Her and Her Family

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    Poppa Bluesposted 8 years ago

    Ans now Obama wants his health care bill passed! Why? Why would we want the government who time and time again fails to do what we allow it power and control over? Same thing with our economy. Our federal agencies, the Fed, and the SEC failed in detecting the coming crisis and Dodd wants to put the same agencies plus some more federal bureaucracy in place to stop what they should have stopped to begin with!

    Glenn Beck: Obamacare or Bust
    Audio Available:     

    March 15, 2010 - 13:11 ET

    GLENN: Now, here's the, here's the thing. This is very sad.

    PAT: It is.

    GLENN: If you don't know the whole story.

    PAT: Well, it's sad anyway.

    GLENN: Well, yes. Yes, it is. But that ‑‑

    PAT: But when you know the whole story...

    GLENN: It becomes perverted.

    PAT: Yeah.

    GLENN: It becomes really, really sick and perverted. So here's the sad story.

    VOICE: My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006. She missed so much work that she lost her job and along with her job, she lost her healthcare. And losing her healthcare ended up causing her her life, and I wanted to finish her fight for healthcare. So I don't want any of the kids to go through the pain that our family has gone through.

    GLENN: Okay. Sad.

    PAT: Yeah, it is.

    GLENN: Sad. You don't want any ‑‑ you know, it's sad. You don't want any kid to go through this, et cetera, et cetera. Now, let me, let me tell you a little bit about who this kid is. He was ‑‑ his mom was employed through SE ‑‑

    PAT: No, his grandmother.

    GLENN: Oh, his grandmother.

    PAT: Yeah.

    GLENN: Was ‑‑

    PAT: She worked for the Washington Community Action Network. Sound familiar?

    GLENN: The Washington Community Action Network?

    PAT: Yeah.

    GLENN: I don't know the Washington Community Action Network. What is that?

    PAT: It's an SEIU group in Washington, D.C.

    GLENN: Kind of like ACORN?

    PAT: Kind of like ACORN.

    GLENN: Oh, boy.

    PAT: Yeah. You know what? In fact, I'll bet it's one of those local ACORN chapters. It wouldn't surprise me if this was what ACORN changed their name to, the Washington ‑‑ isn't that one of the ‑‑ I think that was one of the name changes, as a matter of fact. The Washington Community Action Network.

    GLENN: Can you check into that, Stu? Because that would be weird if it was ‑‑

    PAT: That would be a coincidence.

    GLENN: If it was coincidentally ACORN.

    PAT: Now Tiffany, his mom, Tiffany, worked at Jack in the Box and she got so sick, she was ‑‑ she was very, very ill and she missed work and so she missed ‑‑ she wound up missing so much that she had to ‑‑ she was, I guess, eventually let go because she couldn't show up for work. But... she was also hospitalized each time she got severe enough to finally go. People were telling her please go to the doctor. She wouldn't do it. She wouldn't go to the doctor.

    GLENN: Why not?

    PAT: I don't know. I don't know. Then nobody asked and nobody quizzed Marcelas on that, or his grandmother: Hey, why wouldn't your daughter go to the doctor. She was also, her ‑‑ I mean, here's a single mom with three kids and she could have, you would think, be eligible for Medicaid. Her mom said that she didn't qualify, but I can't imagine being unemployed with three children, single mother. How do you not qualify for Medicaid? Certainly the children would have been covered by some sort of SCHIP program and she would have been covered by, you would think Medicaid. But she wouldn't go to the doctor. And when it got bad enough that she needed to be hospitalized, she was hospitalized and treated for weeks at a time without healthcare. Without healthcare.

    GLENN: Okay. Well, sure, you say that. But let me ask you this.

    PAT: All right.

    GLENN: Who paid for his trip into Washington?

    PAT: That's a very good question. The Washington Community Action Network, which is a part of the George Soros‑funded HCAN paid for her trip. Health Care America Now paid for her trip to Washington. The grandmother and the son.

    GLENN: I'm sorry. Did you say George Soros‑funded what?

    PAT: The George Soros‑funded healthcare America now group.

    GLENN: Health Care America Now.

    PAT: Yeah, paid for their trip. It wasn't just that Marcelas felt so, you know, impassioned about this, in finishing his mom's work that he himself, you know, sold lemonade on street corners and raised the money to get the trip to Washington.

    GLENN: Or it isn't even as if one of the congressmen or senators ‑‑

    PAT: No.

    GLENN: ‑‑ knew about this kid.

    PAT: No, no.

    GLENN: Because I had been going to give one of these many speeches when a little, a little boy stopped me in the hallway, and I want to introduce you to him right now. No, no, no.

    PAT: No.

    GLENN: The George Soros‑funded America ‑‑ what is it? Healthcare America now?

    PAT: Healthcare America now, uh‑huh.

    STU: Now, is this one of the 40,000 letters the president gets every day? Do we know?

    PAT: I don't even think this was one of those, amazingly enough.

    GLENN: Just a spontaneous ‑‑

    PAT: Just a spontaneous outburst of George Soros jumping into this.

    PAT: You know, this wasn't even one of these:

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: I hear about them in the letters that I read each night.

    PAT: Not even one of these.

    GLENN: No, it wasn't one of those.

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: The toughest to read are those written by children.

    GLENN: This wasn't a letter?

    PAT: This wasn't a letter.

    STU: The good thing is, though, if we just had universal healthcare, there would be no tragic stories.

    PAT: None.

    STU: We don't get dozens of them every day where people are dying of thirst in hospitals.

    GLENN: I heard you, I heard you talk about the story out of England last week on the fourth hour, and this is one of the most amazing stories I think I've ever heard. Here's a guy who has to take his medication. Nobody in the hospital is helping him take his medication. He has to have it. He's in the hospital. How old was he? 18 when he got ‑‑ 22?

    PAT: 22.

    GLENN: 22? Has to have it. Perfectly healthy kid for a long time, then has this weird thing happen to him, has to take this medication, in the hospital, really, really thirsty. He gets a little belligerent because he's in the hospital, he's thirsty and he hasn't been given his medication. And he's ‑‑ at first he's saying, okay, I need my medication, you guys have to give me my medication. The nurses don't give him the medication. And then he gets wildly thirsty. He calls for help. He actually calls, you know, 911. The police come. The police talk to the nurses like, no, he's crazy. The police leave. Mom comes. She's screaming for help because her son is in total dehydration. The doctor says, "Oh, you're crazy." Finally another doctor comes in, pushes all the alarms. They try to save the kid from dehydration. Nothing. Do you know who gets counseling in the end? Not the mother. The mother doesn't get counseling. The nurses get counseling. The nurses should go to jail.

    See, this is what happens. When you have universal healthcare, there is nobody ‑‑ who are you going to run to? Who are you going to run to? Your attorney? Who are you going to sue? The government? Excuse me? Who are you going to sue? Where are you going to go? You have no competition anymore.

    STU: There's no recourse.

    GLENN: There's none. Blocked exits. Anybody who is over in England is saying don't do it, America. I mean, does anybody have any English friends? I do. They are like, what, are you guys insane? What are you doing? "I know, we ‑‑ I'm really just pushing for the fish and chips thing, but everybody else here is going for healthcare." Don't do it. You're nuts.

  2. MikeNV profile image78
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    Unfortunately for every Beck supporter their is an individual who is so anti-beck they will miss the message in your post.  They need to view it in context and forget about the source for a moment. The reality is this happened whether Glenn Beck is bringing it to light or not.

    You message implies to readers that "The Fed" is a federal agency.  It is not... and you know this.

    The Fed is a group of private bankers who do not have anyones interests in mind but their own.

    Now Senator Dodd (Who is a lowly hypocrite) wants to hand complete control of the Financial System over to these private bankers.  He wants to give them the power to break up companies.

    The Fed is a Fraud.

    This Health Care Bill is a Fraud.  It has nothing to do with health care it's about shifting control of assets to the private elite.

    All of these proposals are part of the socialist agenda.

    Government just keeps growing and forcing independent Americans out of business.

    Now there is a push to create employment cards.  Force people to buy into yet another to-be-created Government Agency.  They are using immigration as the scam to perpetuate this one.

    What follows this scam is implanting chips in humans... just like your dog!  This is not a joke.  The State of Georgia recently passed legislation to prevent chipping of any Georgia citizens in the future.  Why would they do that if there were not a real possible threat?

    The Federal Government is stomping all over states and local laws.  They are claiming control of everything.

    Watch out in the next year or two as more laws are passed at the Federal Level to attack gun ownership.

    Utah Recently passed a law to exempt Utah manufactured guns from Federal Laws.  This will be a huge court battle.

    The bottom line is the people pulling the stings at the Federal Level want complete and total control of your life!

    Cap and Tax is another program in the movement.  A bill was written last summer that passed the House that would allow the Federal Government to come in your home and inspect it for compliance with their proposed "green" laws.  And you have to pay for the inspection!  And if you do not pass you are fined every day until you can pass.  So your water heater isn't in compliance... you have to replace it!  Got a dishwasher that doesn't meet the new code.  Replace that or get fined.

    Americans are broke!  How are they going to comply with all these fines and mandates?  They are not.  So they will be foreced into poverty.

    Read between the lines. This movement is very scary.  Support politicians who support the Constitution. And for God's sake and your sake... Abolish the FED!

    The FED is the single largest tool of manipulation used by the ruling elite.  When it's gone at least we'll have a chance.

    No more secret back room deals!

    Only EVIL operates in the dark!

    1. profile image0
      Poppa Bluesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      It's all really getting scary isn't it? What makes it so is that half the country is perfectly fine with socialism!


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