"Obama says health care law already helps millions": Yahoo!

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    fishskinfreak2008posted 7 years ago

    Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_obama_health_care

    "He acknowledged that many provisions will not take effect for years". THE PRESIDENT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE DECISIVE instead of letting Republicans ALMOST succeed in holding up that vote forever/indefinitely. Also, covering adults with pre-existing conditions is critical and that won't happen for 4 more years, BECAUSE OF ALL THE POLITICS.

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    MikeNVposted 7 years ago

    Gee whatever Obama says MUST be true.  I recall him mentioning he was going to END the war in Afghanistan and not raise taxes on people earning under $250,000 a year too.

    It's barely even started... the pain of paying for it hasn't kicked in neither have most of the proposed "benefits"... which are years down the road.  People have not been forced to buy yet, people have not been extended credits yet.

    It's just political pandering.

    Soon Obama will be telling the masses how the VAT tax is going to help us.

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    JON EWALLposted 7 years ago


    Let us look back to what candidate Obama pledged to the American
    people if elected. President Barak Obama pledged:

    1.To bring back the jobs lost in 2007 and 2008. In 2009 the nations TODAY 5/9/10 IT IS 9.9%
    unemployment went from 7% in 2008 to 10%( in some areas
    17% ). Obama’s administration bailed out the auto industry,
    banking industry, saved the union workforce and even helped the
    unions get ownership in the companies by forcing the creditors to
    lose their financial investments in the companies. The Obama
    administration has increased the size of government by 10%, added
    more union jobs and commissions. Government unemployment
    stands at 3% and government employees and congress did get a raise.
    in 2009 while the deficit increased. DEFICIT 2009 $1.3 trillion

    2.To fix the economic problems by passing the $787 billion Tarp
    bill (congress passed the bill without reading or debating the bill TODAY  INCREASED TO $ 825billion and only 33% spent
    as required by constitutional rules.), promised that unemployment
    would not exceed 8% and shovel ready jobs were available to jump
    start the economy. As of today approximately 60% of Tarp has not
    been spent and unemployment remains at 10%. Recently the CBO
    projected Tarp will need $85 billion more added to the $787 billion
    bill. One should note that all of the above is borrowed money adding
    to the nations skyrocketing debt.

    3.To have fiscal responsibility and control spending, Barak Obama
    promised to go line for line and strike out pork in the Tarp bill. The
    president signed the Tarp bill without cutting any pork out of the bill.
    On wed.1/27/10 in the state of the union speech Obama stated he
    would put a freeze on spending. Congress on 1/29/10 passed
    legislation to raise the national debt by another $1.9 billion, the
    second increase in 60 days, raising  the debt ceiling to$14.5 trillion.

    4.To rid Washington of lobbyist and special interest groups. Presently
    in his administration Barak Obama has at least 30 LOBBYIST, some
    appointments are know as czars. Obama has been meeting with
    union officials ( special interest )at the white house on a regular basis.

    5.To surround himself with experienced and capable people, like tax
    cheaters, Marxist, communist and socialist. known as czars. These
    employees were not background investigated as required by the FBI.
    The question remains as to why the procedure was exempted. .

    6.To have an open transparent government and to allow C-Span to
    televise the debates and congressional meetings. Folks it didn’t
    happen, C-Span was denied access (that is called censorship.) The
    president and the democrats met behind closed doors denying the
    minority party’s participation in the negotiations. By the way the
    minority party was elected by the people to represent the people.
    Essentially the people were locked out and ignored.

    7 To close gitmo last year. The president sent some prisoners to
    Bermuda, a terrific propaganda move. More could be said but for now
    a continuing story to be told. Gitmo is still open.

    8.To end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the president and his advisers
    are talking in the whitehouse. To be continued .

    9.To give 95% of the people a tax break and not to tax anyone below
    $250,000, by the way according to some officials the ceiling has
    dropped down to $100,000 with a possibility to $85,000 due to lack of
    money coming into the treasury.
    Check this out, president Obama and congress will tax the rich.
    If 2 or 3% are the rich and they pay 50% of federal taxes, according to
    Obama 50% of the nation don’t pay federal taxes, I wonder who will be
    paying the taxes. ( the middle class )?FUZZY MATH?

    10.To not allow no bid contracts in his administration. A major news
    source reported that Obama approved a $25 million no bid contract to a
    donor of his campaign. The contract recently was cancelled after being
    exposed by the media..

    11. To reduce the deficit by 50% in his first term. The fact is that the
    Obama administration has triple the deficit in his first year in office.
    The proposed budget for 2011($3.85 trillion )given to congress will
    be the largest ever in our history if passed by congress.
    The above information you will not see in the bias press or reported
    on ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, or other liberal news medias.
    Watch C-Span or Fox News, they report and broadcast the actual
    uncensored news

    The presidents rating AS OF 5/9/10 IS STILL AN ‘’F’’ in his first year ?( 17 MONTHS )

    In summary, let us be fair when president Obama talks about what
    his administration and congress was left with after the past
    administration. The simple facts are that then senator Obama and
    the present democrat party took control of congress in January
    2007 and 2008 with a lame duck president George W. Bush.
    Surely it is irresponsible to blame the Bush administration for all
    the present problems without noting that the democrat majority
    controlled congress in 2007 and 2008. President Obama and the
    democrats should be accepting their political parties share of the
    blame for their part in the recession. President Obama and the
    democrat super majority had full control of the economy in 2009 .
    The president has yet to fulfill many of his election promises of
    which unemployment remains the highest priority. One should note
    that no president can spend any money without the approval of

    I guess he forgets he was a part ot the mess including his democrat party contolled congress in 2007 and 2008.