Birnbaum -- The MMS chief, claiming she 'Inherited' the current system

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    KFlippinposted 7 years ago

    .....when she has been a part of it her entire professional life, and she ignored Congressional inquiry into BP Atlantis (deeper than Horizon) safety and design issues right up to the day of Obama's press conference -- when he fumbled over the question of Birnbaum's White House honey-hole demise.

    In a joint statement with Salazar, Birnbaum said she was "hopeful that the reforms that the Secretary and the Administration are undertaking will resolve the flaws in the current system that I inherited ."  How disgusting and weak and darkly ominous.  How odd that none of the media have dwelt on this woman and on Salazar -- why are we not entertained with their grilling every single day. … 03302.html