Does Ninoy Aquino represents the Filipino people?

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    MarlonFuloposted 7 years ago

    It has been done! Noynoy Aquino, son of Ninoy Aquino, the slain and staunch Marcos rival, was finally installed to Philippines' highest political seat.

    The Filipino nation is in a State of euphoria as Noynoy Aquino delivers his inaugural speech, delivered in Filipino, (Philippines' national language). Discounting the style and content, Noynoy's speech highlights his being one of the people, as being someone who  have likewise suffered the social ills that a common Filipino citizen have been suffering for the past decades.

    Gauging with the admiration, shouting, applauses and praises, Noynoy may have, at that particular moment, been effective in projecting an image of being one with the people. And the people attending the said inauguration believed what he said, with their applause as sign of their affirmation. Noynoy was applauded and admired by thousands and millions of Filipinos, even non-Filipinos, during the said activity.... just like any other president receives in his/her inauguration.

    Filipinos are used to this. It is true. Citizens who have long experience of struggle and hopelessness tend to look at their leaders as the living Messiah, a modern-day Moses, someone who one with the people, live with the people, someone who could lead them out of their despair.

    Its just day 1, and the inaugural speech was a blueprint of things that is yet to be done. The oneness of the Filipino people and Noynoy is yet to be proven, for a period of six years....and if it happened to be otherwise, perhaps, less than six years.

    Is Noynoy a true representation of the Filipino people? How will this reconcile with the fact that he is the nephew of business tycoon and kingmaker Peping and Danding Cojuangco?

    His father Ninoy is said to have sympathy with the leftist movement during the 70s. Will Noynoy also ahve an unholy truce with the "reds" or will he have tactical alliance with the business elite? In-between these tactics, how will he make the Filipinos feel his presence? Lets discuss.....