What Are Some Traditional Or Usual Dishes That Filipinos Prepare?

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    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Are Some Traditional Or Usual Dishes That Filipinos Prepare?

    What are some native Filipino dishes?

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    cynthiawessels1posted 5 years ago

    This is the first question I have ever answered on HubPages, and it is the first unanswered question on the list.  Coincidentally, my husband is Filipino and I have learned to cook many of the dishes his family prepares.  Filipinos cook like everyone else in the world by making each recipe their own, which is what I have done.
    My favorite dish to prepare is chicken adobo, because it is simple, at least the way I make it.  I have seen recipes that include many ingredients, such as fish oil, bay leaves and whole garlic cloves.  I make it without fish oil and do not notice much of a difference.
    Pancit noodles are delicious, especially with chicken or pork.  The noodle is thin and stringy, but the texture is perfect when fried with vegetables and meat.
    Lumpia is a version of an eggroll, but its largest consistency is the spiced meat.  These have a lot less vegetable.  Many will have only carrots.  They tend to be about the size of a person's small finger and crispier than a Chinese eggroll.  Inihaw na baboy is a pork dish that is made similar to the adobo (which can also be made with pork), but is cooked so that the meat has more of the vinegar flavor. 
    Soy sauce and apple cider vinegar are used in many of the Filipino dishes. My husband was buying the largest apple cider vinegar at the grocery store recently when an employee stopped him and asked why he needed so much?  His reply, of course, was that I need it to cook some Filipino dishes.  The clerk was white and explained that his Filipino wife used it to cook a lot of her food too.  My husband laughed and said, "My wife is white!"