Concern for my country

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    Zarm Nefilinposted 10 years ago

    After I watched these youtube videos I am now convinced our country is spiralling out of control. … re=related

    The above attempts to explain habeus corpus and its dissolution By George W. Bush and the significant effect it has for every amercian citizen currently residing in this country. … re=related

    The above is George W. Bush flagrantly dodging questions about Blackwater. … re=related

    The above is done by a concerned citizen of my country America. … re=related

    The above talks about General Hayden and his shady past.

    If there are any countries that anyone on this board knows of that are considering taking political refugees in the future from the USA then please let me know if you hear of it.

    I cannot believe this is happening, but it is. 



    If it gets too bad I am Catholic by heritage although I am an agnostic so I might try to claim political asylum in Vatican State.  I have no connections outside of this country other than that (potentially) and a family I know in aruba, but aruba is having it's own problems with Chavez at the moment.

    It seems right now that their are only two ways to go that are viable:

    Voting for Sen. Barack Obama who strikes me as a genuine person who wants to do good through the elective process (supposing it is allowed to consumate), and Congressman Ron Paul who very likely will (in my opinion) attempt to lead a 2nd american revolution.

    Blackwater concerns me, it so closely resembles in startup, setup, and function Hitlers early stormtrooper militia that was around with hitler for years before he ever gained absolute power.

    What has my country come to?


    The full extention of what is going on just hit me like a wall of bricks and I am left reeling.

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    ColdWarBabyposted 10 years ago

    First it’s necessary to acknowledge and face the indisputable fact that the American way of life is the problem and not the solution.  Nothing can be done to salvage a system that was corrupt and deeply flawed from the start.  No nation that is based on the libertarian concept of complete private ownership and the “every man for himself” paradigm can ever be expected to produce anything beyond the fundamental two class system of masters and slaves.  It’s a system with an irreversible, self contained autodestruct.
    None of the “candidates” who stand any chance of being placed in the White House by the corporate “persons” in control of the pseudo election will do anything to significantly change the status quo.  The continued descent into oblivion is assured.
    The so called election system in America has been manipulated and controlled by moneyed interests from day one.  Our “government” has grown ever more vile and corrupt with each election cycle.  It has finally reached the only conclusion possible; complete self destruction.  This cycle has been repeated over and over throughout human history.  Archeological evidence shows this wheel has been turning since time immemorial.  Apparently, as a race, we humans are incapable of learning from our mistakes.  We keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Isn’t that a definition of insanity?
    Sadly, at this point in the story, the implosion of this particular empire could well bring about our extinction.
    Here’s the little bit of optimism that I can muster under these circumstances.  A few small pockets of humanity will survive the extinction event that is currently underway.  Through the process of natural selection, which so far has worked well for every species except Homosapiens, the genetic aberration that produces the evil need to enslave and oppress others will finally be weeded out.  The resulting new and improved human species will gradually repopulate the Earth with something we have often talked about and always longed for but never achieved; civilization.

    These are desperate times.  Here's my desperate solution:

    Read it, sign it and pass on the link to everyone you can.


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