Just One More Way the Federal Gov't is Protecting You

  1. MikeNV profile image81
    MikeNVposted 7 years ago

    The Feds are always looking out for you as clearly shown in this example:

    Volvo says it has developed a line of child safety seats it believes are safer than anything on the current market - but federal law bans the seats from the United States.

    Edmunds Inside Line reports, "Volvo this week launched three new state-of-the-art child restraints for vehicles in a range to cover children up to about age 10. But it will not be able to offer them in the U.S. because of rules imposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration." NHTSA rules require that all child safety seats be able to fit in any vehicle. Volvo's new seats are designed only for Volvo cars. The rule means, then, that the seats can't be imported into the U.S. - not even by Volvo owners.

  2. maplethorpej profile image74
    maplethorpejposted 7 years ago

    OMG. Is that really a law? What about capitalism? What about innovative thinking?

    I'm ashamed...