gop ruining the country?

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    the new leftposted 7 years ago

    THis is really getting on my nerves that the citizens of this country are stupid in that they want to go back to the party that ran us into this recession. It is the policies of a failed presidency that like him these conservatives in congress think that by giving the rich tax cuts they will create jobs it did not work then so why would it work now.Do americans have short term memory to believe that boehner or mcconnell would actually help us i think not because if they we're paying attention in the last 18 months they have voted no on everything that obama might be for.Ok here i go they are against the stimulus bill but they take credit for jobs it helped create in their districts or states,against the healthcare reform bill because they would rather have kids get dropped from having insurance if they have a pre-existing condition,against the financial reform bill because they will be hurting from the millions they will be forced to put up for their derivative trading,gambling with their money instead of ours,and it will make it harder for small banks to lend money to small businesses,against the small business bill that would have help small banks give credit to small businesses since the big banks don't feel like they should start lending,against giving the states money to stop them from laying off teachers,firefighters,police officers yet the gop says this is a bailout,against anything that might grow the deficit but only if that is not for extending the tax cuts for the rich that will add 700 billion to the deficit but thats ok because according to them they are paid for,not.Do they not understand that the gop wants obama too fail even if that means that americans are jobless,homeless,carless and annything else that would make sure obama fails.

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      Ralph Deedsposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You're on the right track! I'm with you, pal.