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    soldout1posted 7 years ago

    What is there to say about the Core of a Government that has always had Corruption at her root from its conception. With all Honesty I must say when Obama begin to run for office I was surprised. He came from out of no where. He was selected to carry the burden of a very damaged and almost unrepairable Economy. Let's be honest' America was in trouble or on her way  down hill long before he arrived on the seen. This was the perfect timing to vote for a Black Man. Sacraficing his own political career for a corrupt political system. A lamb in the BUSH so to speak. I'm not a racist but a realist. I to have many Bloodlines running through my vein . The moment I found out a black man had any chance of becoming President, I knew it was because of America's

    Unrepairable state. This country has annilated her repretation across the Globe. What better way to restore Her Honor except with the appearance of change. Again this change only holds true in appearance. The world celebrated her change. Remember? If America is to descend any further. Wouldn't it look better if She reached her lowest disgrace in the hand of a black man? Come on' who can repair the severe damage done to this economy in just two years? You're kidding me right? This was a purposed plan. Obama signed up to run this country at Her most critical stage, with the smelling manure of America dumped in his lapped. And he was given two years to clean it up. No' I am not surprise at America's response, look at her history across the globe. History speaks for itself. Obama never had a chance unless he was a miracle worker. TWO YEARS' that's saids alot about a whinning impatient country. The media is the flaming torch to its end.

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      Brenda Durhamposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      First your title asks who's to blame, and then you make the one who's the most to blame sound like an almost-holy martyr.

      Well.  Did that answer your question?
      If not, I will add that whoever voted him into Office are also to blame, for not realizing that we didn't have time for on-the-job training, nor for psychology counseling.

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        soldout1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I agree with this statement whole heartly. What better timing to put the experience in office. He's a scape goat for those that have done the worse damage. Obama had a lot of guts to step into this mess, and oh what a mess Bush left behind.  It 's still smelling around the country.  He should have also known that America would never have the patience to allow him to fix the severe damage already done to our Economic system. This is America.

        Experience or inexperience whose to say who would have been most effective? But we all can say that the damage was and yet remain severe. What better timing to pass this monstrosity of a mess over to the inexperienced' so the intelligence of  experienced can be distracted. Do you really believe people didn't know he was inexperience?  By the way he's not running this country by hisself', he is being instructed by so call experience Advisors. So he alone is the blame? Is he not surrounded by the experienced? I don't get this, whatever happen to common sense.

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          JOE BARNETTposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          i dissagree with you totally there. obama is a thinker. he is doing all that can be done with what he has. the right is playing a polemic game by criticizing non-stop. they offer no help even when he asks they offer nothing . they have no plan ever and the last one they had collapsed our economy. they said nothing when bush was wrecking the country but now that it's a wreck they talk like obame did it. it's only a diversion. their hollow conversations and distractions only work on the unintelligent and racist. the blame falls on GEO. W. BUSH a REPUBLICAN! anyone that doesn't see that is delusional!

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        JOE BARNETTposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        well since i don't see you complaining brenda i have to assume that you thought george did have enough experience because lets see he was a governor huh. well he wrecked the country. your basis for experience is debunked. in fact, it actually looks like if they are republican and were a "c" student in college then that is the basis for not being allowed to become president. geo. is both.

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    psycheskinnerposted 7 years ago

    I wouldn't call any product of the Chicago political machine 'coming out of nowhere'.

    And, honestly, it ain't so bad in the US.

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      soldout1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      It wasn't so bad in the US.  This has become a past tense.  Yes' Obama came without notice.  Many had never heard of Obama. Unless they've been following his political career' two years prior to his arrive on the scene' who would have thought he would run for President? Honestly he hadn't even gotten his feet wet in the Senate.

  3. JOE BARNETT profile image60
    JOE BARNETTposted 7 years ago

    it is hilarious , i think, to watch this unfold. every company that folded that caused this manure enron etc had been blessed by geo. bush. the people were there to watch this everyday. the countrys economy folded. now obama is stuck with picking up the pieces. it took years to get the rubble out from the twin towers. louisiana is still recovering from katrina but the right wing media will have you believe that the NATIONS problems should be fixed in a season and it is obamas fault. they are trying to place the blame away from themselves. we have a deficit and the countrys bills are paid through taxes. the tax cut law(passed by geo. bush) should expire and add 3%, from 36 to 39% percent to one percent,only to the richest americans in america. the right wing media says he's raising taxes because he's a socialist.geo bush passed this law. anyone that has a brain can see that all they do is a distraction, to divert attention away from the problem, THEM! don't be fooled.

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      soldout1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I agree' and unfortunatly its going to get worse before it gets better. And the detraction is not going to work because America has been on global display a long time.  Here stands her witnesses' thus the world. I think that considering the pressure Obama has been up under He is doing a great Job trying clean up the mess. How many Americans will comment on this topic forreal. Come On what has this man truly inherited.

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    Evan G Rogersposted 7 years ago

    the Federal Reserve.

    Well, that was easy!

    Oh - and the Supreme Court for usurping power it doesn't have (it can't declare things unconstitutional, it can only declare the parties in a specific set of cases to have acted unconstitutionally).

    Oh, and the president for usurping legislative power. He only has like 4 jobs, and most of those are just appointing bozos

    Oh, and congress, for not doing their duties.

    Oh, and us, for not reading the constitution and holding our government's feet to the flames.

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    couturepopcafeposted 7 years ago

    Wow!  I'm not really sure I want to get into it here!  You folks are vicious.  Well, here's what I think I know.  The young senator Obama was groomed for the presidency with funding by George Soros.

    The President is half white.  I never hear him referred to as such.  He's always black.

    He inherited a war.
    Bush had this same war thrust upon him.

    The president has less power than most people think.  Congress makes laws.

    The President is a very learned man but may be in over his head.  I think everyone who gets to that office finds the same sense of being overwhelmed.

    The idea that he was groomed for the presidency because he's black and white and would therefore make a great scapegoat when the country fails is interesting.  My first reaction to this was that it's off the mark.  Knowing what I do of Soros, et al, this may not be far from the truth but not by the parties soldout1 thinks.  There are many who would see this country go down. If you follow the money, it all leads back to Soros.  Do I think he paid to have Senator Obama groomed for the presidency?  Don't think it's not possible.  Divided we fall. 

    If you look a bit further down the food chain, you'll see more than 11,000 lobbyists roaming the halls of Congress, many of them former Congressional aides who access money committees such as the House and Senate Commerce Committees who handle banking and telecommunications issues.  These former aides in effect still act as staff members, writing legislation, except they do it for a lot more money.

    Yes, there is all kinds of corruption going on, most of it in the name of money.  The Senate campaign committees of both parties sets up special funds where they collect unregulated, soft money for specific Senate candidates, getting around the federal election law. 

    Here's my point.  I wouldn't be so quick to blame Obama, Bush, Clinton, daddy Bush, or any of the presidents.  Obama may be a bit naive or misguided.  I don't know.  What I do know is that if you follow the money, you'll find who's trying to destroy this country.

    1. soldout1 profile image60
      soldout1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      What ever the reasons (couturepopcafe) we all end up at the same place. I believe Obama is a scapegoat and that he went willingly.  But your comments are very informative thank you for visiting this site. Great point.

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    dutchman1951posted 7 years ago


    I do not agree he was set up at all. I honestly think he went willing.
    Do you not think the NAACP would have sounded the alarm, if it was, believe me they keep a visual watch on stuff. Also, Obama is a shrewd Constitutional Lawyer he knows the Federal system very, very well. He is no fool.

    He is in the pockets of a Small group of Power Banker Brokers who want control of the US Economy, to be the power brokers on a world economy, coming.

    They bought his campaign. He be-friended George Soros, a billionaire who is in with them. They both have radical Beliefs. Soros for world economic power, Obama as to anti Colonialism, and for equality of third world countries. His fathers influences.

    He wants to make it right for his fathers memory, and for minority equality in the US.

    Thus if he gives the Power Brokers their financial power, he Gets a Government he wants’  for a reward.
    The Time was right for Obama, because of his views, not his color. Those Guys could care less about that, they wanted an Idealistic man, right for the picking, and he provided it, via his Chicago connections. He is an Ivy League Opportunist, that was for sale.

    Look to the real 10% who are attempting market control, and you’ll find the real sources.

    They pay his way, his means. He gets them a means to control economic power in the world.

    1. Establish super bank structures, they can not fail their backed solid, (can not loose monies)
    2. Push TARP out to the Brokers, to pay them back
    3 Re-structure the Court, so Judges legislate from the Bench, not judge the law…this way
    Any attempts to make Legislation un-constitutional in the law can be defeated, so anything Congress and the Senate do are ok, we cannot reverse it!
    I.e.-circumvent the constitution that he believes to be flawed.

    4. Float the idea of a standard world currency like he does
    5. Do not re-negotiate trade agreements to re-open shut down factories
    6.Push the China Business model as a US salvation….

    It all fit’s a pattern of a Man who is calculating, not a man who has been used. Think a bit here.

    7 NAACP will be all in, because it furthers a Black minority above any other minority, and insures some economic power at the least, but much better in reality.

    8 White folks would be in also, because in Truth He was the most dynamic of the Candidates, fresh, new promise, and many feel it is time to reverse the wrongs and do the right thing….timing was perfect, A Black President would be accepted, and he was right.  It should not matter about color at all.

    9Change did not have to be defined exactly, because all of us wanted better, thus- it was a great advertising slogan, that was easily spun!   We all got taken! All people together.

    It not about abuse, its about re-structuring a Country that needs only domestic equality and jobs, and not re-structuring at all. Now, because of radical fears. It is being manipulated into class warfare to cause upheaval, and thus destroy it. We are all falling into the trap.

    Ask yourself this, in all of his Chicago dealings, finding political issues to bring up. Did those folks on the South side really improve? Or are they still in the same circumstances, but now with a Black President?

    Outside of a few painted front doors, and a few broken windows replaced and a heat pump or two being fixed?  Did the Power structure still in place there, advance their status? Did they gain any social distance. Obama sure did, he took the white house-right

    So what House did they get in return for being used?

    This is about absolute political power and socialistic change over a Country for gains of money and economic power and nothing more.

    Don’t be fooled anymore, please. We all can do much beter than this Guy.
    It not Color now, it's real life and respect and human space, and we all deserve that togeather. We all must demand more than this.

    1. soldout1 profile image60
      soldout1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      It will always be about color in America even if its not the core of America's rage; it is the leading factor to much of the criticism. Obama has done little for Black Americans since he has been in office. He has done all that he can to prove to White America he will not show special treatment. In the process Black Americans have been ignored since he has been in office, this is no secret.  The NAACP' do they even count anymore? His bloodline is African yes. The Father bears the bloodline, his color determines his culture in America. I also believe that he went willingly, it was his destiny. I knew that he  would be  handling white affairs and trouble would soon follow. Thanks for your comment.

      1. Petra Vlah profile image59
        Petra Vlahposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I have to desagree; there are more African Americas in the administration and high possitions of government than ever again. I din not feel Obama himself has ever played the race card, but Michelle is doing it all the time and that is not cool.

      2. JOE BARNETT profile image60
        JOE BARNETTposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        i dis -agree i'm starting to see that some blacks are narrow in their view.you wanted him to become president and then do what? what more do you want? did you want a black health care reform? did you want a black wall street reform? as petra mentioned there are tons of blacks in all gov't positions. so what is it that you want? your words are ringing hollow or tell what more you would like to see?