Ugh Obama, you can do better than this

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    kerrygposted 7 years ago

    Word to this:

    "The president has a golden opportunity. Larry Summers is leaving soon as director of the National Economic Council, and Obama’s aides are leaking names of possible replacements. Among the luminaries being floated in the press by “people familiar with Obama’s thinking” are Citigroup Chairman Richard Parsons and former Xerox Chief Executive Officer Anne Mulcahy."

    "There’s much we can learn about the kind of person the president is looking for by studying these two contenders’ credentials. In addition to CEO chops, it seems Obama is seeking someone who also has served on the board of directors of at least one company that either had a massive accounting scandal, blew up so spectacularly that it threatened to take down the global financial system, or both."

    Source: … -weil.html

    At least we have Elizabeth Warren looking out for the little guy now, but aside from her, I have to say Obama's choices for financial advisers have been one of the most disappointing aspects of his presidency for me. Hiring the same Big Finance leaders who just ran the entire world economy into the ground to fix it is something Republicans are supposed to do, not Democrats. We can probably blame Bill Clinton for buying into the Republican delusion that letting giant corporations do whatever they want is the ticket to a strong economy, leaving only the fringe wackos like Kucinich and Sanders to speak up for the poorer 95% of the country. tongue Obama never pretended to be anything but a centrist, but it's disappointing to be repeatedly reminded how far right his economic views actually are.